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Blogging tips to help you grow and improve your blog

Avoid your blog traffic slumping- discover some of the essential blogging tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Blogging tips to help you grow and improve your blog

This year I’ve been blogging for ten years. Can you believe it a whole decade. My blog has changed names, content, designs and themes over those years but my motto remained the same – to help others learn. Of course over a course of a decade I’ve learnt a few blogging tips, these apply to everyone from blogging newbies to seasoned bloggers. Whether you have ten views or 10,000, these blogging tips can help you to gain the attention of the 409 million people who search the web each month. Use the tips and apply them to your own blog so you can continue to grow and reach new audiences.

Discover what your audience want

When you write a blog you write it to appeal to your targeted audience – whether that’s new mums or young women. When you’ve got writers block and you don’t know what to write next, ask your audience. They can tell you what they want to see and ultimately that will get more eyes on your blog as you’ve written your posts to answer a question they needed answering.

Enjoy what you’re writing about

Ultimately your blog needs to be about what your passions are. If you start a blog about gaming and the nearest you’ve got to gaming is playing Sims 4, you’ll soon lose interest. Make it about something you love and you’ll never run out of things to write about.

Build your audience

One of the best ways to get traffic is through your newsletter. By building up your newsletter database, you’re building up a list of people you know are interested in your blog and what you write about. Every time you send out a newsletter you can include links to your latest posts, promotions and even a few ads. As people already like your content they’re more likely to click through.

Blogging tips to help you grow and improve your blog 3

Blogging tips you need to know – Post regularly

Your audience want to visit a blog that’s updated regularly. If you only remember to post once every month you may find your audience and traffic trickles away, especially if you don’t actively promote your posts (or have good SEO techniques implemented). Try to post at least once a week to ensure your blog stays updated and Google continues to crawl your blog.

If you work full time like me you probably don’t have a lot of time to spare to just sit and write your blogs. This is where the scheduler becomes your best friend, write your posts when you have time and then schedule them when you want them to go live. Plan out your content in advance so you’re not left stumbling over what to write when you realise you have no content left to post. Coschedule is a great app to use to outline the ideas you want to write about. If you’re really struggling for ideas, Google is great for providing inspiration in the form of blog post ideas. Once you’ve got your posts written you can use Buffer to schedule your content to promote them to your social media following.

Make people want to sign up to your newsletter

Nowadays people don’t just want to give their email away – they want a good reason. One of the easiest ways you can encourage people to sign up is through a freebie or ‘call to action’. Depending on your niche this could be a planner, ebook, how to guide, or tips on how to save money. Set it up so once people sign up they will automatically be sent their freebie. A lot of email mailing services have templates already set up to make this easier for you to get started.

Make your blog look pretty

A professional, well designed theme could mean the difference from little traffic to a lot. A professional looking site shows that you mean business and that you care about what you write. This will make it easier for people to read and for potential advertisers to decide that you’re worth working with.

Your blog is a investment

Whilst you don’t have to spend anything generally when you’re first starting out, over time you may find you have to invest in your blog to prosper. From programs like Tailwind that help you to get more traffic, to professional looking photographs that give your blog an advantage over your competitor. Make a list and work out what it is you need to succeed and what products/ programs that will help you get there. Remember you don’t need to sign up to everything, read the reviews first and work out what you can afford.

Essential blogging tips you need to remember – Make your blog mobile friendly

Probably one of the most important blogging tips you could take away from this post is to ensure mobile readability. Pretty much everyone has a phone nowadays and the likelihood is that they’re reading your blog on their mobile whilst they’re at work or out and about. If your blog is not optimised for mobile use – i.e. the pictures don’t fit the smaller screen, pop ups are in the way or they can’t read the text they will likely switch off and google will penalise you too.

The good news is it’s so easy to get mobile friendly themes nowadays so your blog can be optimised for the desktop, tablet and mobile all at the same time.

Don’t forget to promote

Whilst it would be great to publish a post and have viewers flood in, sadly it just doesn’t work like that. Once you’ve spent hours writing your post it’s time to concentrate on promoting it. Use social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to reach new people. You can even use alternative methods like Quora to get more traffic. Make sure you engage with your readers, comment on their posts, share their content and show them why they want to view your blog. You may find it helpful to check out my post on 76 ways to get more traffic to your blog.

Discover how to monetise your blog

When I started blogging it certainly wasn’t about the money. Nowadays whilst I only blog part time it is nice to earn a little bit extra through my blog. You can earn money through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and acting as a consultant. Discover some of my blogging money making ideas here.

Blogging tips you need to hold to heart – Be original

Whilst it seems like everyone has been there done that, it’s important that you put your own personal twist on your blog post ideas. When people read the same old content over and over again they get bored and switch off. Don’t let rehashed content lose you viewers, you are original, you are you, show the world that.

I hope you enjoyed my blogging tips post, it certainly ended up a lot longer then I had envisioned it would! Don’t forget to share on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook if you think your friends and family will love the post.