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Tips for creating a great Facebook blog page

11 top tips to create a great facebook page

Get more traffic to your blog by creating a Facebook blog page which will expose you to its 2 billion member audience base

Blogging is competitive. Fact. For your blog to truly thrive it needs a equal combination of great content and a good marketing strategy. A good way to start with promoting your blog is through the use of social networks. They’re free, quick to start up and you can quickly get your content in the front of million of potential visitors. Out of all the social media networks Facebook is by far the one with the biggest reach. With over 2.4 billion monthly users the potential to grow your blog is potentially limitless. Whilst the potential exposure is huge Facebook is one of the trickiest social media networks to crack. With a complex algorithm it often only shows your content to a select amount of followers which makes it tricky to grow your page. With a careful strategy however it’s a good way to grow your blog and take advantage of Facebook’s huge audience base. Here’s some tip tips on how to create a great Facebook blog page.

Create a memorable page name

Try to name your page after your blog so people will know what to search for. I’ve named my Facebook page Glitzandglamourmakeup so if people type that in the search they’ll find my page.

Don’t forget to fill in the About Me

You’ll want people to find out about you and your blog in a few sentences. Try not to waffle and outline your blogs unique selling point or why they would want to read it.

Have a great cover picture

Nothing says more than a strong image. Upload a cover photo that represents you and your blog. If you blog about makeup you can post a picture of items you’ve reviewed or a look you’ve created.

Sell yourself

As well as the about me section, the about description gives you the opportunity to fully explain what your blog is about, what sort of content you post, how people can contact you for advice etc. Try to write as much as you can so visitors can see whether you’ll provide the content that they want to read.

Don’t forget your profile picture

When you visit a blog ultimately you want to see that the writer is someone you can relate to. Some of the best images to use for your profile photo are pictures of you smiling or doing something that relates to your brand. For example playing with your kids if you have a mummy blog or applying lipstick if you’re a beauty blogger. Put the same photo on your blog so that when people see the photo they think of your blog.

11 top tips to create a great facebook page get your friends and family to like your page

Get your friends and family to like your page

There’s nothing sadder then a Facebook page that hasn’t been loved. Get the ball rolling by inviting all your friends and family to like your new page.

Add apps for a more interactive experience

You can add apps to your Facebook page to give your visitors the ability to interact with more then just your main page. You can add links to other social networks, competitions and lots more.

Think up a content strategy

When you start out you’ll want to create a content strategy that will suit your blog audience and keep them coming back. Whatever your blog topic, theme your page content around this. Funny videos attract the most likes and shares and are a great place to start. Sites like Buzzfeed, Daily Mail and Ladbible offer great content which you can share and you’re bound to find something that applies to your blog. A quick google search will find other websites which may offer content relevant to your blog which you can share.

Promote your page elsewhere

You can put the link to your Facebook on your blog and share it with people through methods like email. Another good way to share your page is to put the link in your email signature. You probably send loads of emails a day so that’s many potential visitors to your page.

Schedule your content

Don’t have a lot of time to maintain your page? Why not sit down when you have a few hours and schedule all your content. Buffer is a great tool that lets you schedule content on a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and instagram. You can start with a free profile which will give you 10 shares a week.

Offer something unique on your page

People will be enticed to a page that offers content they can’t find anywhere else. You could create short catchy posts that are only on your page or host a competition exclusively for those who’ve liked your page.

If you know someone who you think will benefit from these Facebook blog page tips don’t forget to share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook!

11 tips to create a great facebook blog page