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How to blog for money: A useful guide for beauty bloggers

how to make money blogging

Want to know how to blog for money? You’ll find out about all the top ways to monetise your blog including sponsored posts and affiliate marketing

If you’ve come to this page it’s probably because you want to make a bit of money on your beauty blog. Perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while now, plugging away generating great content and increasing your visitors. So surely it’s time all that amazing content should start to earn you dividends. It’s true there are bloggers out there earning a living off their blog and it is possible. It does however take a lot of hard work. In this guide I’m going to tell you about a number of the ways in which you can generate income off your blog. Some methods may be aimed at those who have already grown the audience of the blog whilst others may be suitable for even the newest blog. Find out more about how to blog for money.


One of the oldest and most obvious money makers around. Used by industries everywhere advertising essentially is what makes the big bucks. However it’s also one of the most competitive and depending on your audience rates can start low.


Suitable for everyone, all you need is a blog (or website) and a email. You are paid every time someone clicks on a ad and earnings can be relatively small. However if you can build up your audience you will potentially get a lot more clicks which is a lot more income for you. You can only sign up once and Google will know if you try to register again. Goto Adsense to sign up


Typically a extension of AdSense as you need Adsense to sign up but it’s still another way to earn money through advertising. In the same principle as Adsense, to earn a lot of money on YouTube you need to have good content that people will want to watch. Try creating videos that are funny, informative or educational. Perfect for those who like to create beauty videos or tutorials. New starters to Youtube will now have to attribute at least 10,000 views before they can start earning advertising revenue. Sign up to You Tube here

Handpicked Media

You may have seen this icon on a lot of peoples blogs. Handpicked Media is a little community of blogs in which money can be earned through advertisements, sponsored reviews and the chance to participate in unique events exclusive to Handpicked Media. I believe you need at least 10,000 page views a month to get accepted but it may be more. Register here

Generate your own!

Depending on whether you’re proactive or not this can be considered a simple or difficult option. There’s no need to aim at the big brands if your audience is only small. Start small by looking for local businesses or websites that need a little help but can’t afford a big advertising budget. You can do this with a simple search on Google for what you write about, for example sites that sell makeup. Create a media kit with all your essential statistics on like Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Pinterest etc and send this out with your introductory email.  Set your rates according to the size of your audience, and who you’re targeting. Get tips on how to create a media kit here

how to make money blogging

Sponsored Posts

You’ve probably seen this hundreds of times on blogs, a sponsored post is essentially a blog post that has been commissioned or sponsored by a company. Companies may contact you directly in order to discuss writing a sponsored post or you can contact brands/pr agencies if you wish to tell them about your blog. Make sure you have a PR/Advertising page set up so people know they can contact you to discuss potential projects.

Social Spark

One of my favourite websites, Social Spark offers a lot of fantastic opportunities for bloggers. Upload your blog information, statistics etc and get your blog verified by Google Analytics for more opportunities. You will get notified of leads which you can accept and if you’re picked, get to write about the product. Whilst a lot of the leads offered to you won’t always be to your target audience you can write about new topics you wouldn’t normally and learn something whilst you’re at it. Typical payment is normally £14 a article. You can also earn by placing a ad code on your blog which generates a passive income over the year. Join here

Collective Bias

The site is very new to the UK so there aren’t as many opportunities available for UK  bloggers as there are for Americans but it’s worth signing up to. Payments for reviews are very generous and all you need to do is take a lot of pictures and write a concise and informative review. Join here

Affiliate Links

You’ve probably all heard of affiliate links but wondered what on earth they are! Essentially affiliate links are monetised links to products that will earn you a income whenever they’re clicked on. If you can create a  large network of affiliate links on your blog and you have a large audience you could potentially do very well as a affiliate. It does however take a lot of hard work and the money certainly won’t be instant. Shop Style Collective is one of my favourite sas they pay you for every click, regardless of whether the person buys the item. Other affiliate sites will not pay you until someone buys the product which can take a lot longer to earn revenue.

Amazon Associates

One of the most well known and best paid affiliate networks. You can promote products through adverts or banners on your site, as product links like at the end of a review, create a widget promoting various products or even create your own shop. You will only earn money on items people have bought so even if you have 500 clicks, if no one has bought anything there’s no money for you. This is where pay per click (like AdSense) and affiliate marketing differ.

Share a Sale

In the same way as Amazon Affiliate works you can earn money through promoting various products related to your site. As I’m quite new to the site myself I can’t say too much about it. Join here

There are many other sites and opportunities open to those who want to make money through their blog but these are just a start. If you haven’t already you can create your own advertising/pr pages to give information to potential PR companies/advertisers who might be looking at your blog. If there’s no info available you may lose out on a potential lead.

I hope you’ve find this article useful and I love to hear your comments so please do tell me what you thought!

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how to blog for money