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How to hit 1 million Pinterest monthly views

Want to know the secret of getting a million Pinterest monthly views? In my latest post I’ll show you how you can increase your Pinterest reach and reach that magic 1 million visitors.

How to hit 1 million Pinterest monthly views

The figure 1 million is pretty amazing isn’t it – a real symbol of success. We all dream to hit big in life whether that’s on the lottery or by getting our blog recognised. Pinterest, like google is a massive search engine and can generate thousands of visitors for your site. After focusing heavily on revamping my Pinterest I’ve finally hit the heady heights of 1 million Pinterest monthly views. Today I’m going to share with you how you can recreate the success and increase your Pinterest traffic.

To increase my visitors I signed up to Tailwind. I work full time so I definitely did not have the time to dedicate to pinning all day. Tailwind allows me to set up a schedule so I can pin all day and all night – even when I’m asleep. It allows me to reach audiences overseas who would not see my pins if I was posting only during UK waking hours.

create quality pins

Create quality pins

Ultimately if you want your pins to be seen you want to create vertical pins that have eye catching imagery and wording. Canva is a great website to use as its full of existing templates which you can amend to reflect your post. Avoid bland posts and implement a lot of colour and bold text to ensure your pin is noticed amongst the rest.

pinterest analytics

Set your Pinterest to a business account

Convert your Pinterest from a personal to a business account and you’ll benefit from Pinterest advanced analytics. You will discover what pins are a hit and what you should focus on creating more of. Don’t be afraid of creating at least three pins for each post with different titles and styles. This way you can benefit from traffic from a number of sources rather then one. If you’re lucky one, or all your pins will go viral.

use rich pins on pinterest

Ensure you’re using rich pins

Rich pins are a great free way to tell other people about your blog. When rich pins are enabled your pin will show the headline, title, author and description of your blog. So if your post has been pinned a large number of times lots of new people will discover your blog and your content. Click through to discover how to set it up.

join pinterest groups

Join Pinterest groups

One of the best ways to find larger audiences has to be through Pinterest groups. Whilst many recommend using Pingroupie to find groups to join, I found people often just ignored my requests. The best place to find Pinterest groups to join is through the Facebook group Pinterest Group Boards. Everyone is really friendly on the group and when I’ve used it most requests to join groups have been accepted. Pinterest group boards are by far the best way to increase your Pinterest monthly views due to the exposure to wider audiences.

tailwind tribes

Subscribe to Tribes to increase Pinterest monthly views

Pinterest tribes are similar to group boards as you have thousands of members in each tribe. To find a tribe click your search term and groups related to that niche will appear. Standard Tribe members can join 5 tribes each and get 15 posts a month. You can pay for more posts or unlimited tribes if you want to widen your reach. Once you’ve posted your pins to the group, share others so everyone has a fair chance at exposure.

pinterest smart loop how to use

Smart Loop

The newest addition to Tribe is Smart Loop. It allows you to keep pinning your posts to group boards without appearing spammy. You can separate your posts into defifferent sections; i.e I’ve created loops for beauty, lifestyle, money etc. You can also select content to only appear at certain times so you’re not pinning Christmas posts during the heart of summer. Standard Tribe members will only get a small amount of loops per month.
I’ve subscribed to unlimited so I can loop as many pins as I want.

tailwind tribes to increase pinterest monthly views

Using hashtags for extra exposure to increase Pinterest monthly views

Benefit from the popularity of trending content by using popular hashtags. Bear in mind this only works for new posts so there’s no point updating old posts with hashtags. You can check what’s trending by clicking on the search bar.

I hope this article helps you in discovering how to increase your Pinterest reach and increasing your pinterest monthly views. Don’t forget to comment to let me know how your traffic has improved.

how to increase pinterest monthly views