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5 of the biggest distractions at work and how to stay focused

5 of the biggest work day distractions and how to stay focused

It doesn’t matter where you work there are distractions at work wherever you go. Find out the best ways to keep focused

Wherever you work – whether that’s at home or in a office – it’s easily to get distracted and lose track of what you’re supposed to be doing. Whilst the odd break during the day is completely healthy and should be encouraged, regular distractions can draw your attention away from your work and lead to errors and loss of many business hours over a period of time. Find out 5 of the major distractions and how you can stay focused.


We all know how addictive the internet can be. One minute you’re looking at the latest new story that leads into another ten stories. Before you know it you’ve whiled away the best of a hour finding out about the latest crimes, political updates and ten of the most expensive abandoned buildings in the world. Avoid losing hours of your work day by only using the internet during your breaks or lunchtime.

5 of the biggest work day distractions and how to avoid them mobile phone

Mobile phone

Statistics state that people check their phones at least 26 times a day. If your phone is always beeping and buzzing the notifications can easily pull you into a world of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Whilst you might not want to miss out on the very interesting group whatsapp conversation, you’ll get engrossed and will get behind with your work. Put your phone in a drawer on silent so you won’t be tempted to pick up your phone when it goes off.


We all love a good natter at work talking about the latest storylines on Coronation Street or gossip in the office. Whilst a good chat does make the day go faster it can easily pull you away from the work you’re doing. You’ll start to make mistakes which can have a detrimental effect on the business and your own performance. Try to keep the conversation to a minimum and you’ll have lots to talk about on your break!

5 of the biggest work day distractions and how to avoid them meetings


We all have them and they’re often fundamental in keeping a business running smoothly. If you feel you’re having too many meetings though and you’re not really getting any benefit out of them perhaps it’s time to review whether you need to attend. Can the meeting be covered in a email or perhaps you could hold a big meeting every two weeks instead of every week. You’ll save a lot of time that you can spend focusing on your work.


When you see a email pop up in your inbox what is the first thing you do? I bet you click on it and spend time seeing what it’s about and completing the task it asks you to do. Now I imagine you probably get around 15-30 emails a day and if you stopped every time you got a email you will end up neglecting your work. Try and prioritise a specific time slot in which you check your emails and complete your regular work outside of this. Perhaps you could set aside a hour every morning when you’re most productive. You will soon find how much extra work you’re getting done!

Now you’ve got through the day and avoided the major distractions at work you’ll want to know the best ways to relax after work.

5 of the biggest distractions at work and how to avoid them