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20 signs of makeup addiction only beauty addicts will recognise

20 signs of makeup addiction only beauty addicts will recognise

Are you one of the biggest beauty addicts in the country? See how many you can tick off in my top 20 list of makeup addictions

Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn to be the first in line for the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills release or you’ve bought every item in Jeffree Star’s makeup vault you know makeup is in your blood. Want to know if that makes you one of the true beauty addicts? Read on to find 20 signs of real makeup addiction and see how many you can tick off!

You have more makeup than clothes

You have so much makeup you’re starting to run out of room for your jeans and favourite t shirt.

You’re the makeup go to

Your friends and family know you’re the expert so you’re always dishing out tips on the best mascara or how to make your lipstick last longer

You stick to your skin care routine no matter the time

Whether you’re having a early night or you’re rolling in at 3am you know how important a good skin care routine is to keeping your skin looking radiant. That means you cleanse and exfoliate even after a heavy night clubbing.

Your beauty reward points make you feel rich

You buy so much makeup that your beauty loyalty cards are overflowing with loyalty points. You can keep yourself in makeup for the next year on your points alone!

You’ve got your favourite beauty vloggers upload times mentally imprinted

Whether your favourite is Fleur De Force or Soph Does Nails you’ve got their weekly upload times imprinted in your mind. You don’t want to miss seeing the latest makeup tutorial before your friends. Only real beauty addicts are that dedicated.

20 signs of makeup addiction only beauty addicts will recognise lipstick

You can name every Mac lipstick ever sold

If you’re a real makeup connoisseur you’ll be able to tell what Mac lipstick someone is wearing just by looking at them.

It’s all about the beauty boxes

You couldn’t decide on one so you’ve decided to have them all – at once. If you’re not happy with this months Glossybox there’s always Look Incredible Deluxe beauty box.

If your house was on fire your beauty collection would be the first thing on your mind

Obviously you’d want to get your family out safe but if someone asked you what you’d save if your house was on fire, your makeup collection would be top on your list.

You shed a tear when your favourite products are discontinued

There’s nothing worse than loving a product to find out when you’ve run out it’s been discontinued. The heartache is so much it makes you really sad.

You’re a makeup brush hoarder

You have every brush Morphe has ever made but it’s still not enough!

You know what each makeup term means

Whether it’s strobing, highlighting or baking you’re hot on your makeup terms and know exactly what they mean

You know the difference between a B.B. cream and a CC cream

Whilst some might think they’re basically the same, you know that a B.B. cream is basically a lighter foundation whilst CC cream works by colour correcting problems like dark circles.

You’ve tried every nail texture out there

You love experimenting and you’ve tried every new nail trend out there from feather to pastel nudes. Only real beauty addicts can say they’ve done that.

20 signs of makeup addiction only beauty addicts will recognise makeup collection

All you want for Christmas is makeup

Whilst some girls would be happy with a new pair of GHDs or a New Look gift voucher your Christmas list would keep Beauty Bays bank balance looking very rosy.

You love nothing more then a beauty inspired Pinterest board

Pinterest is full of inspiration and you love filling your boards with the world’s most complicated hairstyles and highlighting

That new makeup palette release gets your pulse racing

When it’s time to unveil that new eyeshadow palette you’re sitting there, heart racing as you delight in the perfection of those pigmented shades.

If makeup tester was a job your cv would be first in the pile

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to test makeup!? It’s every beauty addicts dream!

You can name every perfume going

Whether it’s Dior Poison or Chanel Chance you know your fragrances and have so many you could wear something different every day.

People saying all your lipsticks are the same colour offends you

No they’re not the same, that red has a touch of pink whilst the other one is more of a pillar box red.

If you were stranded on a desert island looking good would be top of your list

Whilst most people would think about taking life saving products, your desert island vitals would include sunscreen, lipstick, mascara and highlighter. A girls gotta look good in case a handsome stranger gets washed up!

If you ticked more than 10 on this list you can proudly consider yourself one of the true beauty addicts.

20 signs you're a makeup addict