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Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator highlighter review


Avon Luminous Finish is a budget Face Illuminator that will make your face shimmer.

The product comes in a squeeze tube and has a light creamy consistency with a light shimmer.

The product comes out quite thick when you squeeze it so don’t squeeze too hard or you’ll end up losing half the product.

I applied the illuminator with my fingers after appying blusher to the top of my cheeks and my eyebrows.

Whilst the product did add a light shimmer the effect was really quite minimal and didn’t really make my cheeks or brows stand out.

I’m really quite disappointed with this product as I expected the shimmer to be a lot more intense and noticeable.

For the very subtle shimmer and lack of definition I give this product 1.5/5

Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator side view


Avon Luminous Finish Face Illuminator front on



Grab yours for £5.25 at Avon Shop