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Revolution Pro Foundation Drops review

revolution pro foundation drops review

Revolution Pro foundation drops is a new lightweight, silky foundation with a water based formula. Available in 18 shades the foundation caters for many different skin tones from the very pale to the very dark. A lot of budget foundations generally only have around 3-5 shades so this is quite refreshing to see.The foundation can be used for a sheer finish or layered for better coverage.

revolution pro foundation drops applicator

With so many shades I was a little bit concerned I would end up with the wrong colour. Luckily shade F1 was a great match. The foundation has a pipette to apply and it was a little hit and miss to get the product out. For example nothing came out on the first squeeze then loads on the second. After applying the foundation I noticed that the formula was really quite watery and loose. Having tried ELF foundation before which was really watery and just slid off my face I was hoping this wouldn’t go down the same path. To my delight the foundation seems to grip to my skin and I had no issues in getting full coverage on my skin. The foundation has a matte finish with a satiny appearance. As you can see in the before photo my skin had a lot of red patches and my dark circles were quite visible. After the foundation they all seemed to disappear and I’m really impressed with how good the concealing coverage is.

revolution pro foundation drops swatch

A lot of matte foundations I try often go quite oily around the t-zone after a few hours. By the evening there was a small element of oiliness and it did accentuate small patches of dry skin, however this was barely noticeable. The coverage did fade a lot more on my t-zone though so my blemishes became more visible, this maybe due to the increase in oil. The majority of my face still had good coverage and the satiny finish remained. Overall a really impressive foundation that looks amazing on and lasts for ages.

I give it 4/5

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