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5 things you must do before Spring

5 things you must do before spring

Winter can be a bit rubbish – the nights are long and dark, it’s super cold and it has a nasty habit of sucking the life out of your skin. Whilst I certainly can’t wait for Spring to arrive (bank holidays yay!) there are some things you definitely must do before the Winter is out. Here’s my breakdown of your Winter must dos.

Give your skin some tender loving care

With the long dark nights you’ll probably want to do no more than hibernate in front of the TV. Why not take that time to come up with a skincare routine for your skin that you can adapt to suit the season. You could even have a pamper day trying out lots of new products to prepare your skin for Spring.

things to do before spring - plan your holidays

Start planning your holidays

The start of a new year brings a brand new holiday allowance and plenty of time to plan your travels this year. If you’re short on money by booking early you’ll have plenty of time to save and you’ll get in early to get all the best deals.

Clear out your wardrobe

I love going through my wardrobe – I always come across long forgotten tops that I haven’t worn for months (my wardrobe consists of clothes compressed in boxes!). Winter time is perfect for having a good clear out, selling or donating clothes you don’t like anymore and putting away Winter clothes nearer Spring.

things to do before spring - go on a brisk Winter Walk

Go on a brisk Winter walk

What could be better than a brisk winter walk to get the blood flowing. You probably won’t see any snow (unless you live in the Highlands) but it’s good to embrace nature, see the frost on the grass and get healthy clear air into your lungs. After all a walk in the Summer will leave you feeling hot and a little sweaty!

Cosy on down

One of the best things about Winter by far is the ability to get cosy in front of Netflix without feeling like you’re missing out. After all it’s cold  outside, it’s raining and it’s dark – who wants to go outside on days like that!

5 things you must do before spring