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Holiday skin preparation 101

Before you jet off on holiday you need to get your holiday skin preparation down to a tee. Discover the steps you need to take for the perfect holiday bod

holiday skin preparation 101

So you’ve packed your suitcase, your suntan lotion is on standby and your travel money is ready to go. Now you just need to get your beauty preparation in hand and you’re all ready to start sipping strawberry daiquiris on a golden beach. Here’s my holiday skin preparation essentials.

Make sure your skin is well moisturised

Dry skin is never a good look – whatever time of year it is – but especially not on your holidays. Use Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating lotion (£30.00) on your face to hydrate your skin and give it a glowing finish. On your body use Korres Santorini Body milk (£10.00), it will keep your body soft and smooth so you can bare all without worrying that your skin looks flakey.

Exfoliate that dead skin away

If we don’t exfoliate dead skin cells can quickly start to accumulate resulting in blocked pores and acne. As I’m sure you’d agree a face full of spots is the last thing you want when you’re jetting off on holiday. Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant (£43.00) is gentle enough to be used every day, whilst still effectively removing dry and dead skin cells. Your skin will be left feeling revitalised and fresh with the antioxidant rich pink grapefruit. It’s also great at preparing the skin for moisturiser.

Defuzz yourself before you bare all

Defuzzing is a pretty essential part of holiday skin preparation. Whilst you’re mainly going to be focusing on your legs and bikini line, don’t forget to shape up your brows. Lilibeth The Original Brow (£14.95) may look scary but it’s actually an ingenious way to shape your brows. It’s pain free to so you can get hair free without the discomfort that comes with plucking and waxing.

Holiday skin preparation you shouldn’t forget – Get baby soft feet

You don’t want to go on holiday with scaly feet. Nowadays there are many tools you can use to get baby soft feet just in time for dipping your toes in the sea. Skin Republic Foot repair (£4.39) is a unique foot mask that helps to soften, moisturise and repair dry cracked skin. It uses antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients to infuse your feet with natural goodness. You’ll soon have baby soft skin to be proud of.

holiday skin preparation 101 fake tan

Fake that tan

The weathers been pretty awful of late so the opportunities to tan those milk bottle legs has been far and few between. Avoid hitting the beach with a bright white glow by fake tanning before you leave the country. Bod Bake Express 4-in-1 Tan (£4.99) allows you to control how deep you want your tan to be. You can opt for natural colour, wash it off after a few hours, leave it on for longer or even layer it for a ultra dark finish.

Fake an inner glow

Glowing skin starts from within with a healthy body promoting a natural glow. Whilst you should try to get your goodness from the fruit and vegetables you eat, sometimes it can hard to cram all that into one day. That’s where a Multivitamin can help take up the slack. Centrum Women Multivitamin tablets (£7.49) have been designed to support your health and well being. It contains 24 key vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin and nails.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to prepare your body for a beach vacation. If there’s anything on your holiday beauty preparation list that I’ve not mentioned, don’t forget to let me know in the comments box. If you think your friends and family will love the post don’t forget to share!

holiday skin preparation 101