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Winter makeup and skin care routine

Winter makeup and skin care routine

Transition your skin from Autumn to Winter with tips on the best makeup and how to maintain the perfect Winter skin care routine

As much as we’d love for summer to last forever, it’s time to face the truth: the icy fingers of Winter are starting to gain their grip. How you adapt your skin care routine and prep it for the Winter months will make a difference in how your skin will handle the snow and harsh winds to come.

Let’s take a look at a few lifestyle and skincare tips to make the weather shift from Autumn to Winter a smooth one, and help your skin adapt to the changing weather!

Revamp your skin care routine

As the temperatures drop, you need to make sure your skin can stay silky, with no chapping, lines, or dry patches. That means changing your skin care routine by switching up your lightweight gels and lotions for heavier winter creams that will keep your skin happy and plump.

Look for a hand cream and lip balm that has the same moisturising effect. Both your lip balm (or your oil-infused homemade lipstick for that matter),and hand cream will be your best friends this season!

Winter makeup and skin care routine glass of water

Keep hydrated

On a slightly different note, how much water you drink on a daily basis can affect how your skin looks and feels. To avoid irritation and dryness you’ll need to keep an eye on your water intake. It will definitely feel more natural to focus on that during summer, but your skin is equally thirsty in the colder months of the year.

You can use an app on your phone to track this habit and make it easier for you to meet your daily needs. This will help your skin to be well-prepped for the winter chill. Pair it with a powerful moisturiser and an occasional overnight mask for deeper effects, and you’ll be good to go!

Care for your pout

Ladies, provide your perky lips with the same care you do your skin! It’s not just about using the right exfoliators and balms, but also about picking lipsticks that are both nourishing and stunning, reflecting the Winter vibe. While lipsticks that are highly pigmented are very desirable, you need to opt for lipsticks that come with healthy ingredients such as vitamins that pamper your lips.

Consider deep red shades such as crimson, chocolate brown, or even grey which is the latest craze to make an unexpected colour pop for those dull Winter days.

Winter makeup and skin care routine working out

Get sweaty the right way

It’s the holiday season, and all of us need to work off those extra calories we consume. Plus, working out is truly one of the healthiest things you can possibly do for your complexion it retain that youthful glow. However, you need to use breathable women’s activewear in your training routine to protect your skin from irritation and keep your pores squeaky clean.

Choose materials such as organic bamboo and cotton that will make you feel comfortable during your workouts and prevent any skin troubles. That way, you’ll use your training sessions as natural detox routines for your pores, without overwhelming your skin with dirt build-up.

Protect your pores

Much like drinking water, there’s another portion of your skincare that most gals tend to neglect as soon as summer ends – sun protection. We might miss the heat and the long days in the sun, but the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays is an ongoing, year-round issue, and skimping on sunscreen during the cooler months is a no-go.

This is especially relevant if you live in warmer climates, where sun exposure is more of a regular thing. Make sure to always bring your trusty sunscreen with you, and reapply according to instructions to keep it effective throughout the day.

Winter makeup and skin care routine eyeshadow

Swap out your palettes

We’ve already mentioned the red and brown galore shades that are the perfect Winter choice. However, there’s no need to stop with the lipstick, since you can further explore your makeup options with eye shadows and a bit of blush on the cheeks to add a few more warm tones for the colder weather. Think: sunset orange, shimmering gold, and juicy plum for a delicious winter shades.

Whether you opt for darker or lighter red and brown tones, you can always add some texture with a bit of gloss, and you’ll instantly steal the spotlight wherever you go. Just make sure that all of your beauty products are full of skin-nourishing goodies that will keep your skin happy and comfortable.

Guest post by Mia Taylor

winter makeup and skin care routine