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Veet & Scholl Pampering Event Showcase

Two of the biggest names in the beauty sphere, Veet and Scholl joined forces in an exclusive pampering event. Manicures and pedicures were the highlight of the evening, with some of the brands latest ranges being introduced.

Set in one of London’s event hotspots, Vanilla, I received a warm welcome. Scholl’s brand new nail range were revealed during the complimentary manicure and pedicures which included a vibrant range of glossy colours. I chose a hot pink which was applied after my nails were filed, buffed and shine with Scholl’s new Velvet Smooth Electronic nail care system. The beautician applied a glossy top coat once the colour had dried and a oil to moisturise the cuticles. With just two coats my nails have full coverage with a gorgeous glossy finish.

Veet want to change perceptions about waxing and hair removal creams with their latest releases. Typically hair removal creams tend to have quite a potent off putting smell that discourages some women from using them. Their new hair removal cream smells beautiful with a really fresh clean smell you’d be happy to apply. There was even a smell test where the new range was compared against the current range and a standard brand.

The standard brand had a very potent and chemical like smell, whilst the current and new range of Veet Silk&Fresh hair removal cream smelt fairly pleasant. Hair removal creams are constantly changing and the scent is nowhere near as off putting as I remember when I have used hair removal creams in the past. Their new Stripless Veet Professional Warm Wax is very unusual in that it can be applied straight to your body after heating in a microwave. The wax dries into a putty which you can then pull off as if it was a strip. The demonstrations made it look very effective with really good hair removal.

During the event a fantastic range of canapes were being served, with delights including mini hamburgers, lamb bites, chicken teriyaki, beef skewers, brownies and more. Drinks included Bellini cocktails and delicious iced fruity Mocktails.

I left with a amazing goody bag filled to the brim with Scholl and Veet goodies including a extra little surprise.  Don’t forget to keep checking in for a exclusive post on what was inside the goodybag!