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8 top tips to give yourself the perfect manicure

8 top tips to give yourself the perfect manicure

Getting regular manicures and pedicures can get very expensive, especially as you have to top them up every 6 weeks. If you’d rather skip the salon and save yourself a few pennies you can create the perfect manicure or pedicure at home by following 8 of my top tips.

Manicure of perfection
1. If you don’t like waiting for your nail varnish to dry (tell me a woman that does?!) then you can speed up the process by adding a drop of cuticle oil onto your finished look.
2. There’s nothing worse than to paint that final layer of polish and realise there’s small streaks of residue around your nails. Use a clean lip liner brush dipped in nail polish remover to get rid of any excess polish.
3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should take time out to give your nails room to breathe. Nail varnish is perfect for protecting your nails and making them stronger, especially as they often contain nourishing oils.
4. To keep your nails on point for as long as possible, try to ensure there’s no left over oil on your nails when you paint them. Use as much nail varnish remover as you need and buff them till they’re completely dry.

4 top tips to give yourself the perfect pedicure

Perfect pedicure
1. Don’t waste your time pushing back the cuticles on your toenails, a good buffing is enough.
2. If you have really tough skin on your feet use milk to soften them up – the lactic acid works wonders on reducing the hardness in the skin.
3. Foot files are a lot more effective on dry skin to remove dead skin cells.
4. Give your feet the ultimate deep clean with Bare Foot by Margaret Dabbs Soothing Foot soak (£9.50 at Marks and Spencers) that helps to revitalise tired feet.