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Testing out Primark mascaras

testing out primark mascaras

So on my recent trip to Bournemouth I discovered their epic Primark which will forever go down in my memory as the Aladdin caves of all Primark’s. I know I probably sound like a broken record but it was literally huge, and they probably had every beauty product they’ve ever released. I’ve not seen any mascaras in my local Primark for a while so I was excited to discover 3 mascaras I’ve not seen before. So who are the contenders and how do they fare.

PS… Lash Contour

primark ps... lash contour mascara

Ps lash contour has a perfect formula, not too wet, not too dry and instantly glides on to lengthen my lashes. The bristles are a lot longer then normal which helps to capture lashes and I was surprised at how well it worked in giving my lashes a curl. The two sided brush is quite long and whilst it doesn’t cost all my lashes in one sweep it’s not far off. I didn’t find the mascara scratchy at all and my lashes were left separated and fanned out. The mascara lasted all day without wilting and didn’t smudge around my eyes even in the warm weather.

primark ps... lash contour mascara brush

before and after primark ps... lash contour mascara

PS… Mini and Maxi Lash mascara

primark ps... maxi and mini lash mascara

The mini and maxi lash mascara is quite unique in that it comes with two separate brushes- one for your top lashes and one for the bottom. Unlike other dual mascaras there isn’t a primer, both brushes have been specifically designed to fit the different size of lashes. The formula is quite light but it is buildable and there was minimal clumping when I layered the mascara on my top lashes. After a few applications my lashes were lengthened although not dramatically. The mascara lasts all day and there was no smudging.

primark ps... maxi and mini lash mascara brush

before and after primark ps... maxi and mini lash mascara

PS…Eyeconic mascara

primark ps... eyeconic mascara

In terms of performance Eyeconic has got to be the real winner out of these mascaras. It has the perfect formula and my lashes were lengthened and lifted from the first swipe. The brush has really tiny bristles really close together that taper out to a flat edge. Normally applying eyeliner will make my mascara ‘disappear’ but I’m pleased to say that didn’t happen with this mascara. This is a real winner in my eyes.

primark ps... eyeconic mascara brush

primark ps... eyeconic mascara before and after

As you can see from the review, you don’t need to pay a lot to get good results. Whilst the mascaras slightly differed in performance they all fared really well adding volume and length to my lashes. It’s true that low price doesn’t always mean low quality. I’d pop these on my must have lists over some pricier mascaras anyday!

You can buy the mascaras for £2 to £3 in Primark stores.

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