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Primark perfume reviews and designer dupes

Smell amazing with Primark perfume designer dupes

Primark perfume reviews and designer dupesWhilst I’m a real lover of designer perfumes they can certainly put a dent in the old bank balance. Primark is renowned for creating designer dupes of everything from shoes to makeup and now perfume has come under their radar. On recent trips to Primark I’ve seen their perfume collection growing and some of the bottles and scents really remind me of some very well known designer scents. Here’s some of my favourite Primark perfume designer dupes.

Primark perfume reviews and designer dupes polka dot

Polka Dot is priced at just £6 and is a almost identical dupe of Lady Million perfume. It is a floral fruity perfume with notes of citrus, grapefruit and florals. Polka Dot initially starts out as a very strong perfume that is quite intense for about half hour. This gradually settles down into a softer scent that I could still smell when I moved around. By about 5pm it had completely faded away. There is also a smaller handbag sized version for £2

You can grab a 75ml Polka for £6 in Primark stores

Primark perfume reviews and designer dupes tease

Primark Tease perfume has a very stylish looking bottle that seems to be inspired from Valentino Donna. It’s a beautiful scent with notes consisting of vanilla, bergamot, cedarwood, peach and musk with jasmine undertones. Dolce and Gabbana The One is comprised of very similar notes but is a lot pricier and you won’t get much change out of £50.00. Tease initially has a very intense fragrance but it quickly dies down and by early afternoon I couldn’t detect it at all anymore. It’s a lovely scent but would definitely need to be applied several times throughout the day.

The 75ml bottle is available for £6 in Primark stores

Primark perfume reviews and designer dupes sunset goddess

Sunset goddess is very much a tropical scent and is very similar to Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess. Perfect for summer it is a feminine oriental fragrance with floral and coconut notes. The perfume has amazing staying power and was still detectable well into the early evening. Even if you don’t get to go abroad this year, one spritz of Sunset Goddess is enough to transport you to the sun kissed white beaches of Barbados. This is one bargain buy that I would definitely recommend!

The 10ml bottle is £2.00 in Primark stores

Other popular Primark perfume dupes to look out for include Ps Love Noir (dupe of Chanel Chance) Pomegranate & Black Tea (dupe of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne)

It just goes to show you don’t need to pay a lot to get a decent designer inspired perfume. I’m a big fan of Primark’s new perfume range (as I am their other products!) and if you want a new scent on a budget you won’t be disappointed with their selection of designer inspired dupes.

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primark perfume designer dupes