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Get spooky with Mimic Gifts Halloween collection bath bombs

get spooky with mimic gifts halloween collection bath bombs

Experience the completely natural Halloween collection of bath bombs from Mimic Gifts

Bath bombs are great for adding that something extra to what would otherwise be a pretty boring bath. Whether you’re a lover of rose petals or neon colours bath bombs have it all. Whilst I’ve tried many bath bombs from big brands like Lush I’ve never actually experienced the wonders of homemade bath bombs – till now. Mimic Gifts produces completely natural bath bombs that are SLS free, paranormal free vegan and most importantly cruelty free. Recently I got approached to try some of her very cute Halloween collection bath bombs. With Halloween just around the corner this was the perfect time to add some spookiness to bath time.

Skull bath bomb

The skull bath bomb has a very realistic ghoulish design which is perfect for Halloween. It did fall apart a little when I was unwrapping it which is a little disappointing but bath bombs can be a little fragile. The skull bath bomb has bright pink and grey colouring with pink glitter running through it. It smells lovely although I can’t quite put my fingers on what the scent is. When put into the bath the bomb fizzed away steadily releasing a steady stream of bright pink and dark violet colouring. The bomb takes around 3-4 minutes to dissolve completely and left my bath with very spooky dark violet colouring. At the end it got so dark I couldn’t even see what was in the bath! It does stain a little once you’ve poured your water away but it can easily be washed away with a spray of water.

Buy it for £3.95

Tombstone bath bomb

Next up in my Halloween collection box of treats is the suitably terrifying tombstone bath bomb. With a combination of dark raspberry and black colouring it certainly gives the impression of a old aged gravestone left isolated in a old graveyard. It contains scents of lavender, vanilla and raspberry although it was the raspberry fragrance that was the most detectable. The scent was lovely and made my bathroom smell amazing. When put in the bath it released blood red colours with black intermingled within. There was also a small trail of white colouring. Once it fizzes away completely my water was left looking a rather spooky blood red. After pouring the bath away there was a very faint mark on the bath but again it could easily be washed away.

Buy it for £4.50

Ghost bath bomb

The ghost bath bomb is quite cute and makes me think more of a friendly ghost then anything scary. It doesn’t put on as much of a show as the other two bath bombs and seemed to just dissolve quite deep under the water, the others bobbed to the surface. The bath bomb reminded me a lot more of most traditional bath bombs as the colours were quite natural. Clouds of white dispersed from the bath bomb and were later followed by a really pretty bright pink swirl.

Buy it for £3.00

Even if the Halloween collection is not your thing Mimic Gifts has a great selection of other bath bombs including a selection for children. You can even subscribe to the Soakbox which is a bath bomb subscription.

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