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Seventeen Long Lash Mascara review

Seventeen long lash mascara

What the brand says
Long Lash is the latest mascara release from Seventeen that claims to give fuller, intense bold lashes that last all day.

The Lowdown
It’s been a while since I last tried a Seventeen mascara but when I have I’m always pretty impressed.
This purchase came about after a quick browse in St Pancras Boots and of course a new mascara always draws me in. Long Lash has really unique packaging that has a rainbow prism of colours that appear when you  move the box in different angles. The brand new mascara has a mini brush that is designed to capture even the smallest hairs and really build up your lashes. There’s a picture of a before and after on the box although the model appears to have rather long lashes (possibly lash inserts) in the before photo which is cheating really!

Seventeen long lash mascara brush

The wand is a bristle brush with tiny bristles that are smaller at the end and increase as they reach the centre of the brush. The brush felt really soft on my lashes when I applied it and there was no scratching. With the small brush it was even able to grab the smallest lashes.

After one coat my lashes did look quite defined and separated. Once I had applied two coats though whilst there was added length my lashes were slightly clumped together as you can see in the picture.

Seventeen Long Lash mascara is okay but I can’t say it really gave any better results than any other high street mascara. There was also the small element of clumping that may put some people off.

I give it 2/5

Have you tried Long Lash mascara? If so what did you think of it?

Get it for £6.99 at Boots

Seventeen long lash mascara before and after