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Primark PS.. Pro Color Corrector Primer

primark ps... pro colour corrector primer

What does Primark say the Colour Corrector primer can do?

Want to skip the heavy foundation and concealer? Primark PS..Pro Colour Corrector primer is the perfect solution to help prep and perfect your skin ready for makeup. The primer has SPF 30 and is perfect for brightening skin.

The Lowdown

The majority of primers I have used tend to be clear or creamy based so it was unusual to come across a primer with a colour tint. The primer has a light cream consistency with a baby yellow colouring.

The primer is easy to apply and absorbed into my skin quickly without any excess product. Whilst the primer does add brightness to my face and covers some redness, it doesn’t work very well in correcting the deep redness of my dark circles.

Over the course of the day my makeup did start to fade, especially my foundation, and it didn’t last as long as other primers I’ve used.

primark ps... pro colour corrector primer swatch

This is one of the pricier items in the Primark beauty range and I have to say I’m disappointed. The colour corrector element was okay at lightening some of the redness on my face but I still needed to use foundation and concealer to fully cover my blemishes. I definitely didn’t use any less of my usual products after using the primer. By the evening my makeup looked a lot less fresh especially in contrast to my usual primer.

If you’re looking for a primark primer I’d probably recommend Primark ps.. Perfect Glow. It’s cheaper and has a much longer lasting effect.

before and after using primark ps... pro colour corrector primer

I give it 2/5

You can get the primer for £5 in all good Primark stores




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