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How to keep your makeup looking fresh during summer

how to keep your makeup looking fresh during summer

Whilst the warm weather in summer is great for long floaty dresses and weekends away, it can provide quite a challenge when it comes to keeping your makeup looking fresh. The sun has the magic ability to turn a full face of makeup into a sweaty mess in no time at all. We all know that streaky eyeliner and foundation is not a good look. Whilst it is difficult to keep your makeup looking good under the strong beams of the sun, by properly priming and setting your makeup you can keep it looking fabulous for as long as possible. Follow my top tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh during summer.

how to keep your makeup looking fresh during summer keep cool

Keep cool

The biggest reason for your makeup starting to melt is of course sweat. Try and keep in the shade as much as you can and keep well hydrated. If you’re out and about it’s impossible to completely stay away from the sun but take cover when you can and take a rest if the heat seems too much

Use blotting sheets

When your skin is hot, sweaty and shiny the worst thing you can use is powder. The powder will just stick to the sweat and leave it chalky and impossible to blend. Blotting papers will soak up any sweat without disrupting your makeup.

Avoid lipstick

Lipsticks are made out of wax and boy are they susceptible to melting in the hot weather. Avoid lip meltdown and stick to a lip stain, you’ll still get great colour but it won’t melt and they last for hours without fading. Try Benefit Gogo Tint lip and mini cheek stain (£10.50).

Set your eyeliner

Just like you can set your foundation you also have the ability to set your eyeliner in place using powder. Use a powder eyeshadow to give your liner more of a chance to stay fixed during the day.

how to keep your makeup looking fresh during summer wear primer

Prime your skin

Primer is essential for providing a base for your foundation to grip to and keeping your makeup fixed for longer. It will also help to prevent your foundation sinking into your skin. Make sure you choose a primer that is suitable for your skin and reduces any blemishes or pores.

Choose a lightweight SPF

Choosing a thick SPF cream for your face is as big no no. The thickness of the cream will leave your skin greasy and cause your makeup to breakdown. A light SPF can have just as strong a UVA and UVB protection factor as a thicker one. It will also help to prevent your pores getting clogged through the extra sweat and thick cream. Try Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence mineral sunscreen (£36.00)

Make oily eyelids disappear

If your eyelids tend to get quite oily you can add a small amount of powder to give them a matte base to apply your your eyeshadow on. Try Clarins Everlasting Compact powder (£31.00)

Don’t forget your setting spray

When heading out make sure that you fix your makeup with your setting spray before you go. They work wonders in giving you a extra hand by locking in makeup and hydrating the skin. I love NYX Matte Finish setting spray (£7.00)

Go for high impact blush

Whilst a really strong pink, red or peach may seem too strong at the start of the day it is inevitable that combination of oil and sweat will make that fade so it’s a more suitable colour.

With these tips you can wear your makeup with pride on a warm day knowing you’ve got what it takes to keep your makeup looking fresh.

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