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New Look Illuminating Makeup Primer review

new look illuminating makeup primer review

What the brand says
It’s time to revolutionise your makeup routine with a makeup primer that helps to keep your makeup looking fresh whilst giving your skin a healthy glow.

The Lowdown
I had been using Primark Ps… Perfect Glow primer for a while but I’ve started to get a bit fed up with it. I felt it was losing its effect and that it seems to get flaky and rub off when it dries. The formula of the New Look Illuminating makeup primer is really milky and almost watery. When I first tried it I only squeezed it lightly and loads of product squirted out on my hand. The primer felt quite light when I applied it to my skin and I easily massaged it in without it feeling sticky.

new look illuminating makeup primer swatch

My makeup went on fairly well after the primer had dried and I didn’t notice any flaking which was good. It’s hard to tell if there’s a illuminating effect but my skin did look slightly more dewy than normal.

The primer works quite well in keeping my makeup staying fresh for longer and it definitely hadn’t faded as much by the evening. Whilst the intensity had faded a little, it was definitely a lot more visible than if I had been using the Primark primer. At £7.99 it’s not the cheapest, but it’s still under a tenner which gives you plenty of change to stock up on other beauty essentials.

before and after new look illuminating makeup primer

I give it 4/5

wearing new look illuminating makeup primer

Get it for £7.99 here