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Most disappointing makeup products

Ever tried a new makeup product and thought eurgh? Today I’m revealing 6 of my latest disappointing makeup products

Most disappointing makeup products

As a beauty blogger I’m always trying out new makeup products. Whilst I’m genuinely pretty happy with most of the stuff I try sometimes there are disappointing makeup products that doesn’t quite live up to their claims. My aim at Glitz and Glamour Makeup is to ensure my readers know what they’re buying and to avoid wasting money on duds. Here’s some of the most disappointing makeup products I’ve tried lately.

Most disappointing makeup products revlon insta filter foundation

Revlon Photoready Insta-filter foundation

When I saw this back in the summertime last year I was really excited to give it a go. I even did a YouTube video reviewing it. The premise is that you can give instagram filters the heave ho as the foundation gives you flawless skin you can only dream of. Unfortunately I just wasn’t that impressed, the coverage was ok but I was expecting more of a flawless result then I got. Also the applicator really didn’t work, it felt stiff and was really hard to apply using it. Try it yourself for £10.99

Most disappointing makeup products w7 concealer

W7 Skin Fresh concealer in fair

As I said in my Fragrance Direct haul I bought this as it had some pretty good reviews. I’m not sure what product they were reviewing as I’ve used it once and hated it. The formula is so thin it lasts for hardly any time at all, the last thing you want when you need to conceal things! Try it yourself for £3.49.

Most disappointing makeup products rimmel wonderfully real mascara

Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara

I did recently review this and you can see the results for yourself in the before and after photos. It promises both volume and definition and all I really got out of it was a small amount of volume. It was messy and left my lashes clumped. Not a fan. Try it for £5.99.

Most disappointing makeup products max factor dark magic mascara

Max factor Dark Magic mascara

Another mascara that promised the world but really didn’t deliver. My lashes were left looking pretty flat and were just about noticeable. Certainly not the dark black volumised effect Max factor promised. Buy it for £8.99 (RRP £11.99)

Most disappointing makeup products rimmel lasting finish concealer

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour concealer

I buy so many concealers in my quest for perfect coverage. Like W7 Skin Fresh concealer, this was really thin and seemed really sheer. By midday you could see the darkness visible underneath. I definitely wouldn’t say it lasts 25 hours that’s for sure. Buy it for £5.99.

Most disappointing makeup products bourjois liner reveal eyeliner

Bourjois Liner reveal eyeliner

I bought this in my latest haul as I wanted a eyeliner that gave a thick line without the ink running thin. The eyeliner didn’t really work as whenever I tried to do a flick there were gaps as the eyeliner just didn’t seem to apply properly. The ends would always fade away in a couple of hours as well even if the area was completely dry. I had to switch back to my old eyeliner, complete waste of money. Buy it for £6.80.

What disappointing makeup products have you come across lately? Let me know in the comments below.

most disappointing makeup products