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Maybelline Fuschia Flash lipstick brings out your inner girly girl

Maybelline Fuschia Flash helps bring out your inner girly girl

The Saturday girls each released a limited edition Maybelline lipstick based on their personalities a little while back. Maybelline¬† Fuschia Flash in 902 is Molly’s interpretation of what she loves in a lipstick. This creamy, moisturising fuchsia shade is great at perking up a pale complexion. Infused with honey nectar the product works at keeping your lips soft whilst keeping you looking your best. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent which is really appealing.

The lipstick has a really creamy, moisturising formula and simply glides on to my lips. I also love the vanilla scent, it’s almost good enough to eat. Whilst the lipstick looks lovely on it seems to disappear after not even a hour, and even quicker if you’re eating or drinking. If you’re out and about it can be a pain to constantly apply your lipstick so the lipstick really isn’t that effective in that respect.

Maybelline Fuschia Flash is perfecting for bringing out your inner girl. The bright bubblegum pink works well with most complexions and outfit choices. Whilst it doesn’t have the longevity one might expect of Maybelline, if you don’t mind constant reapplying it’s a fab product to have. I give it 3/5.

Get yours for just £6.99

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What do you think of Maybelline Fuschia Flash – is it something you’d pop in your basket? Let me know what you think in the comments box be low.

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