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Maybelline the Blushed Nudes Palette Review

Maybelline the blushed nudes palette review

What the brand says
Maybelline has taken inspiration from the catwalk to create the Blushed Nude palette. Incorporating 12 complementary shades from light to dark you can  create a nude look for everything from lunch with the girls to a night on the town.

The Lowdown
I originally picked this up in Superdrug as it looked really pretty. I have the other Maybelline palette The Nudes but haven’t yet got round to trying it. Too many palettes, so little time!

It has a range of matte and shimmery shades, although pretty much every shade has quite a lot of sparkle. The palette is really varied with colours ranging from white to pinks, silver and black. The shades are all quite subtle although I wouldn’t say the palette is what you would consider ‘typical nudes’.

Maybelline the blushed nudes palette shadesMaybelline has designed the palette to be worked in two, three or four shades and has a guide on the back. The guide doesn’t actually state which shade should be used with which so it’s very ambiguous and open to your own interpretation. The way its designed makes me think you use the sets of shades as they’re set out in the palette, although I’m not sure certain colour combinations would work together.

MAybelline the blushed nudes swatchWhen swatched I felt the lighter shades were really hard to see even after a lot of applications. The darker shades had a lot more pigment and quite a lot of shimmer.

When I started to apply the eyeshadows I found that they broke apart really easily and after I used each shade once the palette was a complete mess. I used each shade in the quad designs which are highlighted on the back and I wasn’t particularly impressed. The majority of the shades didn’t make much of a colour impression even when pressed hard, and the overall finish is very faint. The shades don’t tend to blend very well and the composition of the different shades just didn’t look right. I also think when each shade is worn as a four the finished looks are almost identical!

As you can see in the swatch the majority of the shades did look fine on their own so it would probably work in that respect. I don’t really think the palette works in the way Maybelline intended as the colours just don’t mix very well.

I give it 1.5/5

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Maybelline blushed nudes look 1


Maybelline blushed nudes look 2

Maybelline blushed nudes look 3



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