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NYX Off Tropic Eyeshadow Palette review

Capture the essence of Summer in NYX Off Tropic Eyeshadow palette

NYX Off Tropic Eyeshadow Palette review

NYX Off Tropic eyeshadow palette comes in two different styles, Hasta La Vista and Shifting Sand. Hasta La Vista has bright vibrant tones whilst Shifting Sand consists mainly of golden shades. Shifting Sands is the one I decided to go for as the shades are just more the kind of thing I would wear. I bought this a while back now but was just waiting for that Summery weather to get it out and start playing!

Inspired by the heat and hues of an island paradise. Each palette includes 10 tones in a range of matte and satin finishes.

The Product lowdown

I really like all the shades apart from one. The golden one on the top row second from the left just doesn’t appeal. The texture and the way it applies just feels wrong. I felt like I was having to use loads of product to get a decent kind of coverage.

Sometimes, I find that with bright shades they don’t apply evenly on the lid, but that isn’t the case with the bright shades in NYX Off Tropic eyeshadow palette. I found these applied really smooth and evenly onto my eyelids which I love. It just makes them so much easier to use.

Overall, the eyeshadows blend ok but they’re not perfect. The palette has fantastic pigmentation, even in the brighter shades which I found really surprising. It does take a little building and a couple of layers to get it to that bright pop, but it is definitely possible. The shimmery shades definitely work better when they are applied wet or if you apply them by patting them on with your fingers. 

There is a little bit of fall out, so I would say when using this to do your base makeup first and then your eyes.

Final thoughts

Overall, I do like this palette, but I also do have to say it isn’t my favourite from NYX. It just didn’t live up to the expectations that I had from the other palettes I have tried!

I still think it is perfect for Summer with all the bright, bold shades that can be used to create some stunning Summer looks. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely still be taking this on holiday with me, I just feel a bit like I might have to take a couple of other palettes to use with it. I wouldn’t really say this is a bad thing though.

One thing that I definitely can’t complain about at all is the packaging! I love the packaging, it just has such a happy, Summer vibe going on. And the colours, I mean purple is my favourite colour, so I am also drawn to purple things!

Buy the palette for £16.00

Have any of you guys tried NYX Off Tropic eyeshadow palette? What did you think of it? Let me know! I will leave links to my social channels below!

Guest post by Chantelle from That Yorkshire Girl

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nyx off tropic eyeshadow palette review