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Get long lasting shapely brows with Lottie Arch Rival Microblade pen

get long lasting shapely brows with lottie arch rival microblade effect pen

Get the effect of tattooed on brows without the cost with Lottie Arch Rival Microblade pen

If you’ve ever got fed up of drawing on your brows you may have considered at some points getting your brows tattooed. Often tattooed brows can look quite harsh with thick, unnatural lines that you would not expect to see on normal brows. Microblading is a unique tattoo technique that uses hand applied strokes that blend in with your natural brows. Whilst microblading is a great way of getting natural looking brows that last, it is painful and can be extremely expensive. Lottie have come up with a solution that is the best of both worlds, Arch Rival is a microblade effect brow pen. Unlike most brow pens that have a gel or crayon applicator, Arch Rival has a very thin angled brush. I’ve never seen a brow pencil like it before so I was really excited to give it a go.

get long lasting shapely brows with lottie arch rival micro blade effect pen 1

get long lasting shapely brows with lottie arch rival micro blade effect pen swatch

Lottie Arch Rival microblade pen doesn’t look like it has much pigment but when you press down it produces quite a strong light brown line. After applying a swatch of the colour I tried to remove it and found it really tough, this gave me confidence that it will last for a long time. The thin brush makes it really easy to apply to the shape of my brows without going outside the outline of my brow shape. As you can see in the before picture my natural brows are looking quite sparse and very light. There are five shades available but I used the blonde shade as my brows are quite fair. It was a really good colour match and blended in to my natural colour perfectly. It took me probably around 5-10 minutes in total to fully fill in my brows but I was really impressed with the result. My brows look a lot fuller and the result is really natural, exactly what you’d get if you chose to use traditional microblading. The brow pencil didn’t budge at all whilst I was wearing it and is really comfortable to wear.

get long lasting shapely brows with lottie arch rival microblade pen before and after

The results of Lottie Arch Rival Microblade pen were pretty impressive and after two days my brows still looked full with a lovely shape. Whilst it doesn’t last as long as the permanent results you get from microblading tattooing it lasts considerably longer then most brow pencils. Whilst I only discovered Arch Rival by accident this is one beauty buy that has become one of my beauty essentials. At just £6.95 it’s great value and you won’t be able to put it down!

I give it 5/5

Get the pen in shade blonde for £6.95



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get microblade effect brows on a tiny budget