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How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit

how to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit

After years of disappointing summers, the heatwave of summer 2018 is set to stay. Whilst the soaring temperatures are great for little dresses, short shorts, beaches and ice lollies they can leave you feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Whilst humid days are just about bearable the sticky nights can be the worst, especially as you toss and turn on sweat sodden sheets. I’ve got some tips to keep you cool during the day and night. You’ll also have the chance to enter my competition to win a beauty bundle to keep you smelling great during the heatwave.

Get frosty

Whilst hot water bottles are normally used to keep you warm, turn this concept on its head and fill the bottle with cold water. It will be a very cold but welcoming treat at night when the heat is making your bedroom warmer than the Sahara.

Go for the ice effect

If you can’t afford to install air conditioners you can create your own diy version. Get a block of ice, place in a shallow bowl and then place this on front of a fan. The fan will blow the cold water as the ice melts cooling you down with a refreshing cool mist.

Create your own breeze

You know how you create a draft when when you have the front and back door open at the same time? You can create your own cross breeze by putting a fan opposite a window so the wind from outside will create a combo breeze effect.

How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit wear loose clothing

Wear loose clothing

You’re more likely to retain heat and feel hot if you’re wearing a lot of clothing. Wear loose cotton dresses, skirts and strapless tops so you can get air to as much of your body as you can.

Chill your pulse points

One of my favourite ways to cool myself down is to run ice cold water over my wrists. It works amazingly at lowering my core temperature for a little while. You can keep the effect going by getting ice compresses which you can tie to your wrists.

Keep your pillow cool

One of the best things about winter is how cool your pillow stays. There are pillows available that help you replicate this cool effect in the high muggy heat of summer. Try the ProCool pillow from the Fine Bedding Company (£40)

Take a cold shower (or bath)

Nothing cools me down more then a icy cold shower or bath. Whilst it may seem too cold to handle, If your temperature is already through the roof your body will thank you.

How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit sleep alone

Sleep alone

Sleeping in the same bed with someone means double the body heat and double the sweat. If possible sleep alone and stay cool as you spread out to your hearts content.

Keep hydrated

It’s important that you stay hydrated whether it’s day or night. Whilst you may not think you need it, you sweat a lot at night especially if there is little to no breeze. Make sure that you stay hydrated at night when sweat strikes by drinking some water before bed. Not too much though unless you’re a fan of the middle of the night toilet runs.

Sleep downstairs

Have you ever noticed how it seems to get so much hotter when you go upstairs on a summers day? Heat rises and that means your bedroom is probably one of the hottest rooms in the house. Escape the heat if possible by taking your mattress downstairs and sleeping where it’s cooler.

Eat a ice lolly

Ice lollies are great for temporarily cooling you down!

Go au naturale

Lights are a heat source and can contribute to the temperature in your house. Avoid turning them on for as long as possible and bask in the natural light.

How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit eat salad

Ditch the roast

Meals like roast and casseroles require quite excessive use of the oven which can of course leave your house feeling like a furnace. Opt for lighter more summery foods like salad to suit the warmer weather and keep your body temperature low.

Dip a toe

You know that gasp factor when you dunk your feet into something cold? It works as there are pulse points in your feet and ankles. Even if you’re sitting in the sun putting your feet in cold water or swimming pool does wonders for lowering your core body temperature. You can go one further and keep a bowl of cold water next to your bed in the evening (just don’t forget it’s there when you need a mid night wee!)

Go camping (in your garden)

If you have one why not go for a bit of at home camping. Pitch up a tent in your garden and relax under the stars. It will be a lot cooler then your bedroom!

How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit

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15 ways to keep cool during summer