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How to keep warm during the colder months

During Winter it can be hard to keep warm, especially with the biting wind. I’ll help you to keep the cold out with 10 tips that will help you keep warm this season

How to keep warm during the colder months

If you’re one of those people who is always cold then Winter is probably your least favourite season. Whilst you may want to walk around snuggled in your duvet, you may get a few strange looks. To avoid looking like you’re dragging your bedroom around with you I’ve got 10 tips to help you keep warm during the colder months. The tips are super simple and you won’t need to learn how to bleed a radiator!

Don’t forget your scarf, gloves and hat

It may seem obvious but if you forget one of these you’ll soon be noticing the cold biting down your neck. They’ll keep you toasty and warm till you can get inside again.

Check your heating

Have you got your heating set up so it comes on at the right times? The ideal times you’ll need heating is the morning, evening and night. By setting it up beforehand you haven’t got to wake up to come home to a cold house and then have to shiver whilst it heats up. Avoid heating the house during the day as often nobody is in so it’s a waste of energy and money.

Is your house draft free?

Often your home may be colder then it needs to be due to unnecessary drafts. Ensure your house has proper insulation and buy draft excluders for old doors or windows.

Eat warm food and drink

Love that warming feeling you get when you drink a hot cup of tea or eat piping hot cottage pie? Make something warming (All recipes Winter warmers is a great place to start) every evening to ensure you stay warm all night. Leave the cold salads for summer!

How to keep warm during the colder months

Stay active

Keeping active – whether that’s going for a walk or jog increases your heart rate helping to raise your body temperature. Your body will heat up naturally and you’ll love how good you feel after with the release of all those endorphins. Beats slumped in front of the tv any day!

Leave your doors open

Have you ever noticed how when you go into rooms that have had the door closed they feel really cold? The best way to heat lots of rooms without turning the heater on in all of them is to leave the door open. The heat will naturally transfer through your home so it’s warmer when you go in.

Get a rug

If you’ve got wooden floors and you walk across them with no socks or slippers on you’re bound to feel the cold. Keep everything snug and warm with a fluffy rug.

Close the curtains

You’ll find that your windows are often where drafts can seep in to your home. The best way to keep the cold out is to close the curtains. The curtains will act as a insulator and catch any cold air before it seeps into your home.

How to keep warm during the colder months

Get a hot water bottle or warming teddy

Hot water bottles and those warming teddy’s are super handy for making you feel warmer on a cold day. They’ll even help you with any aches or pains, win win!

Leave the oven open

That Mediterranean air you’re hit with when you open a hot oven is perfect for warming your home. After cooking leave the oven door open so it naturally cools down and let’s the heat escape into your house. The perfect way to save some money on your heating bill!

10 ways to keep warm during winter