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Huda Beauty Power Pinks review

Discover some of Huda Beauty’s most popular pink shades with Huda Beauty Power Pinks matte lipstick set

Huda beauty power pinks review

Huda Beauty is often considered the best of the best with rich highly pigmented makeup products. I’m always looking for a matte lipstick that gives me the longwear pretty much all brands promise, and I had high hopes that Huda Liquid matte lipsticks would fit the bill. I found this mini Huda Beauty Power Pinks set on Feel Unique which contained four of their best selling pink shades Medusa, Trophy Wife, Jetsetter and Icon. A great way of trying the lipsticks without paying full price for the larger versions.

power pinks swatch

The swatch shows just how glossy and pigmented the lipsticks are. I couldn’t wait to give them a go and see how they fared over the course of a day.

jetsetter lipstick

Jetsetter is a lovely rose pink shade. The lipstick is super glossy and it glides on really easily. Unlike some matte lipsticks it didn’t start drying as I applied it and I didn’t end up with any cracked colour. It has a slight smell which is slightly like off vanilla but it’s not unpleasant. It doesn’t feel overly drying and is pretty comfortable to wear. It lasts for over half the day before fading away.

trophy wife lipstick

Trophy Wife is a dark berry shade with a rich glossy formulation. It’s packed full of pigment and the lipstick is really easy to apply. It’s not as long lasting as Jetsetter and faded away after a few hours.

medusa lipstick

Medusa is more of a dark plum shade. It’s just as glossy as the other shades and I got full coverage in no time at all. Medusa was very quick to fade and by lunchtime only a few spots were still visible. It is really comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel drying.

huda icon

Icon is a dark pink shade with colour tones almost identical to Jetsetter. the formula is really glossy but not gloopy and I love how pigmented it is. It lasts a few hours but again fades away after this.

I had high expectations about Huda Beauty Power Pinks lipsticks, especially considering how pricey they are and expected them to last all day. Whilst Jetsetter is admittedly pretty long lasting the other shades do not last very long at all. On the upside they are all very glossy and highly pigmented and really comfortable to wear. I didn’t really notice any dryness which is still quite common with some matte lipsticks. I noticed that Primark have almost identical matte lipstick sets so if you want to try something similar but don’t have the funds, this will be your best bet.

Buy the set for £33.00

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I give it 3/5



power pinks review