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6 reasons why matte lipstick is great

6 reasons why matte lipstick is great

Matte lipsticks have really been drawing a storm over the last few years and as far as beauty trends go, this one is here to stay. With celebrities everywhere adorning a matte lip, glossy lips of the 90s has become a thing of the past – just like the skinny brows we’d all love to forget. So what’s so great about them? Here’s 6 reasons why you should go matte.

They deliver intense colours

Matte lipsticks are packed full of pigment so can give you intense colour in just one swipe. Forget building up colour, it’s there in one hit. When you’re short of time that’s exactly what you need.

They’re perfect paired with a highlighter

If you don’t like to look shiny all over you’ll love matte lipsticks. You can keep your lips matte whilst you really go to town on the highlighter – and it’ll still look great.

matte lipsticks give a silky finish

They’re perfect for selfie queens

If you’re like me and you love a selfie then matte lips are your must have beauty accessory. As the colour of matte lipsticks is so vibrant it draws attention so anyone viewing your selfie will love your glamorous look. Don’t forget the brighter the better – super bright lipstick will make your gnashers shine.

They’ve got great staying power

If you’ve ever applied matte lipstick you’ll know how stubborn it is. If it’s a good formula your matte lipstick will become your new best friend and will stay with you for at least 4+ hours. What shimmery lipstick can do that?

You can make your lips look fuller

If you hate using eyeliners you’re in luck. Matte lipliners are great for increasing the size of your lips without using a lip liner as the intense colour hides the line.

They feel great on your lips

Forget the chalky drying formula of yesteryear, the new matte lipstick formulas are super gentle and moisturising. Not only will you get intense colour, but your lips will feel amazing too.

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