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How to get fast food for free

how to get fast food for free

Embrace your fast food addiction with free treats from your favourite brands

Whether you’re a KFC addict or you can’t resist the flaky goodness of a Greggs sausage roll, we all have our weaknesses when it comes to fast food. Nowadays the fast food and snack outlets are so keen for our business they’ve started offering free food just for buying the treats you love. There’s something quite exciting at knowing you’ve earned enough tokens for free burger or chicken bites. So here’s the low down on the best free fast food apps out there.

how to get fast food for free kfc


Every time you buy food at a participating KFC you will earn stamps. As your stamp level increases the value of your rewards increase. For example three stamps will get you a free side, 7 stamps will get you a free snack and 11 will earn you £5.00 off. There are also separate offers like free fries with a large popcorn chicken. I often forget to use the app to get my stamps but I’ve already earned a free side. If you do forget to use the app whilst in store, if you save your receipt they can add your stamps on later. Not all restaurants take part in the scheme so just be wary of this.

how to get fast food for free burger king

Burger King

The Burger King app offers you free fast food in the form of vouchers. Whilst it’s not entirely free, in the grand scheme of things it might as well be. For example you can get 2 regular whopper or chicken royale meals for £7.99. Each separate meal costs around £5.39 so for 2 you’ll be paying £10.78 – saving you £2.79. There are lots of other offers and they’re updated regularly.

how to get fast food for free greggs


The Greggs app was mainly designed to use as a form of digital wallet to pay for your food. You’ll preload the app with money and use that to buy your favourite snack instead of cash or a debit card. However even if you don’t use it for that like me, you still get free treats. On your birthday you’ll get a sweet treat and throughout the year they’ll offer free snacks for you to try. Simply show the app in store to claim.

how to get fast food for free gbk


GBK has definitely raised the mark when it comes to making a great burger. With everything from the classic burger to the extravagant Hot Diggity (American and mature cheddar cheese, chilli fried egg, basil mayo, habanero jam and paprika onions if you’re interested) they have burgers to suit every palette. They’re also extremely generous and their reward scheme isn’t to be sniffed at. You’ll get stamps for every order and these quickly add up. One stamp will earn you a milkshake, three will get you a milkshake and five a free burger. You can also get free burger and chips on every other visit when you spend £7. When you first download the app you will get a free baconnaise sauce and you can also get free sides for every person you refer.

how to get fast food for free subway


No one quite makes sandwiches like Subway – fresh and tailored to you. I’m a real fan of a 6 inch hearty Italian myself. Subway’s reward scheme is pretty generous and you earn points on every order. When you sign up to Subway rewards you will get sent a card but you can use the app to get points too. You can also pick up a card in store. When you get to 100 points you’ll earn a hot drink, 200 will get you a free side, 500 a free 6 inch sub and finally 1000 points will get you a foot long sub.

You can download each app for free in the App store or The Play Store. I hope you enjoy getting your fast food treats!

how to get fast food for free