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How to fall asleep fast without having to count sheep

Don’t wake up feeling tired and groggy – I’ve got 6 sleep hacks which will teach you how to fall asleep fast

6 sleep hacks that will have you dozing off in no time

Are you struggling to sleep? Fed up of tossing and turning and counting sheep? If the traditional sleep therapies aren’t working for you then you might want to try an alternative that will help you fall asleep fast so you can retire the lavender spray for good.

Increase your levels of Omega 3

If you go to bed and find yourself constantly worrying about money or life in general you’re probably getting a lot less sleep then you need. DHA in Omega 3 is great for helping to lower anxiety and helping to release melatonin that can help to trigger sleep.

Listen to the Sleep lullaby

Believe it or not there are lullabies for adults too. Sleep is a 8 hour piece by composer Max  Richter which helps people to fall asleep. It has been created with the advice of neuroscientist David Eagleman so it’s bound to help teach you how to fall asleep fast and get your eight hours. You can download it by searching for Max Richter at

counting sheep to get asleep

Insomnia? There’s a fix for that

If your lack of sleep is on the verge of insomnia then H7 Insomnia Control may help you get your tiredness under control. H7 Insomnia Control is a unique band which measures the H7 acupressure point in your wrist. Acupuncture is a major focus in Chinese medicine and studies have found that 72% of patients found it helped increase the level of sleep they were getting.
Grab it for £9.90 at independent pharmacies.

Create a sleep signal

Instead of counting sheep you can create a subtle signal that can help reprogram your brain and help you to get more ZzZ. The signal can be subtle – touching your ear, stroking your cheek or putting your thumb and finger together – but done at times when you’re feeling sleepy it can help to stimulate sleep. The effects won’t be instant and you will have to persevere but over time your brain will link the signal and sleep together teaching your body how to fall asleep faster.

Drink a sleep cocktail

Forget warm milk – there’s a new sleep cocktail in town. ZenBev is a drink made from pumpkin seeds that are rich in amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan can help to create the sleep hormones melatonin. Trials have found that it can help reducing the amount of times you wake up at night by 39%.
Grab it here

get more daylight to increase your levels of sleep

Get all the daylight you can

If you don’t see much daylight during the day this could have an effect on the overall level of sleep you get at night. Increase the levels of daylight you’re exposed to (a window works) and you should start to sleep better.

If someone has told you exercising before bed will  prevent you sleeping, take it with a pinch of salt. If you have a good hard workout before bed (around 65-90 minutes), you’ll actually fall asleep quicker and have a deeper sleep.

If you often only get a few hours sleep a night you may think you have to go to bed at 8pm the next day to make up for it. The truth is your body is actually pretty smart and you will have a much deeper sleep which will make up for the lost hours – without having to go to bed earlier.

Drinking before bed is not as good for getting sleep as you might think. Alcohol might get you to sleep but it messes with REM sleep leading to anxiety, irritability and higher appetite.