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10 ways to make your new years resolutions stick

10 ways to make your new year resolutions stick

Every year you probably come up with a whole list of New Year resolutions you vow to stick to so that you can become a better you.  New year new start right? Whether it’s vowing to quitting smoking, cutting down on drinking or saving more a resolution can only be fulfilled if you really want to succeed. Here’s 10 sure fire ways you can make that resolution a way of life.

1. Keep it simple

Whilst you may want to overhaul your whole life at the start of the year, having too many resolutions  can stop you achieving any. Like anything if you try to do too many tasks at once you wont put your all into each task. The same goes for resolutions,if you’re trying to achieve ten different resolutions you won’t have a chance to really focus and knuckle down on what you need to do. Why not come up with one or two really important goals you want to tackle and go from there.

2. What goal should you pick?

This is obviously up to you but it’s best to aim for the resolution that will have the most impact on your life. If for example you’re very overweight this will have a massive impact on your health and losing the weight will mean a massive life change for you and your family.

3. Don’t aim too high

It’s great to have high expectations, but aim too high and you’ll probably be disappointed. For example say you vow to save £10,000, if you don’t have a realistic chance of achieving that you’ll feel like you’ve left yourself down. Work out what you know you can achieve and give it your all to achieve that.

4. Break down your target into bite sized chunks

Why not create bite size chunks and set a new goal every time you reach it? For example you could aim to save £1,000 and then aim for £2,000 once you’ve reached it. You can apply this to any resolution.

5. Set a time frame

Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight in a month or two months? Need a certain amount of money by Spring? Set yourself a date and then gauge your success by how soon you reach it.

6. Keep notes

Now that you’ve set your resolution and a timescale you will want to keep track of it. The best way to do this is to make a note of it all and regularly review your progress. Make sure you add your motivation for achieving this – perhaps you want to fit in that dress you loved a number of years ago or even you want to buy a new car.

7. Reward yourself

When you’ve hit a certain milestone or part of your resolution, why not reward yourself with a little treat. Make sure it won’t affect your goal though – if you’re trying to lose weight, eating three chocolate bars probably won’t help.

8. Don’t say no to support

Aiming to achieve something can be difficult at any time, especially if temptation is all around you. Make sure you let a few trusted friends and family know about your new year resolutions so they can support you if you fall off the wagon.

9. Don’t give up!

If you’ve fallen off the wagon a few times you may feel you need to give up. This is often what happens with most new year resolutions, after a week or several months the resolution gets forgotten. Don’t fall into the trap and lose all your good work. Draw on your self belief and strength to carry on and feel proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Use this feeling to spur you on to complete your goal.

10. Remember – you’re in charge!

At the end of the day it’s YOUR new year resolutions, so only you can decide how you’re going to tackle them. One way is not unique and if you find something that suits you then use it. Your resolution goals are completely under your control and only you can achieve them.

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Good luck!

how to make your new year resolutions stick