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Cattitude subscription box: the box that treats cats and their owners

Love subscription boxes? Now you can get the Cattitude box that has treats for both you and your fur baby. Discover what April’s box had in store

Cattitude subscription box the box that treats cats and their owners

If your cat is anything like mine you know how quickly they become bored with the toys you buy them. Whilst you could buy endless toy mice in Poundland, sometimes it’s good to add a little variety to their lives. When I discovered the Cattitude box I was intrigued. I’ve tried a cat subscription box before hand but that was focused purely on your cat. Cattitude is a box that caters for both the cat mum and their lovely furry bundle of joy. Discover what I thought in my unboxing of April’s Cattitude box. You’ll even see Tara come in and enjoy discovering the box for herself.

Want to skip straight to what’s inside? Here’s a sneak peek.

Fish cat toy

This little fishy is full of cat nip and my cat absolutely loves it. As you can see in the video she was all over it instantly rubbing her note in and biting it. She loves a bit of cat nip!

Rectangle cat toy

I’m assuming this is a cat toy as I’m not quite sure what a human would do with it. It has a cute cat pattern but I can’t say my cat has shown any interest in it yet.

Beeswax wrap food cover

Made from real beeswax, this wrap is perfect for covering open foods like cheese or salad. Perfect for when you’re having a picnic. I can’t say I’d ever use it but it will come in handy for some people.

Silver cat lover necklace

This cute little silver necklace will look perfect with any outfit. I love how dainty it is.

Meowing Heads cat food sachet

This is in the flavour Surf and Turf which has a combination of meat and fish foods. It’s a brand we’ve not tried before so I’m hoping Tara will like this. She loves her soups and fish food so fingers crossed.

Drink coaster

Keep the marks off your table with this drink coaster. It has a cute design with the quote “#1 cat mum, to me you’re purrfect. I’ve not seen something like this in the shops so it’s quite unique

Small cat pouch with a cat headband on

A cute little pouch decorated with cats of all colours. Inside I found a hair hand with a cat accessory on. Probably a little childish for me but a little girl would love it.

I’ll be honest I was expecting a little more for Tara to enjoy, but you can see how much she did enjoy what was in the box.
It was interesting to see a pet subscription box that ensures the owner got just as many treats (if not more) then their pet. Whilst £35.00 for the monthly box may be a little pricey, you can opt for a bi-monthly box. They also offer gifts where you can buy a one time box, 3 months or 6 month subscription.

What do you think of the Cattitude subscription box? Is it something you would buy? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget if you know someone who’d love to know what’s in the box don’t forget to share the post!

discover the treats in the cattitude box