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Lily’s Kitchen cat food review

lily's kitchen cat food

My cat Tara is one of the greediest, noisiest little cats around. She’s into everything, is always scavenging for food and my god if you don’t feed her as soon as she wakes up in the morning she will miaow the house down.

Whilst my cat loves food she is also incredibly picky, especially when it comes to wet food. She’ll often take two licks of Whiskas or Felix and then walk away. So when I was given the opportunity to try out Lily’s Kitchen, a completely organic cat food range I was intrigued.

lily's kitchen natural cat food

The range has been created with the guidance of vets and nutritionists to ensure pets get all the nutrition they need. The food is completely natural, full of high quality meat and grain free. The range features both wet and dry food and comes in the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. With dainty flowers adorning a heart detailing the food Lily’s Kitchen is certainly aimed at the female side of the market. The chicken biscuits and the chicken and shrimp treats come in resealable packaging which is fab for keeping the food fresh. The wet food trays are only designed for one use but they are foil fresh. I love the food tray that has been personalised with her name on, such a cute touch.

When it came to trying the food Tara unfortunately wasn’t all that keen on the wet food. As I mentioned earlier she doesn’t tend to like it all that much but did have quite a few mouthfuls. She loved the biscuits and treats and ate them pretty quickly.

Lily’s Kitchen is a great alternative to the main high street brands like Whiskas or Felix. With Lily’s Kitchen you really know what you’re getting, the food is completely natural and there are no meat meal or fillers.It may be slightly more expensive then your usual products but if you want your pet to feel good and look good it’s worth giving it a go. Lily’s Kitchen also has a range of dog food available.

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