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Bright and bold makeup is the perfect way to feel good in 2017


bright and bold makeup is the perfect way to feel good in 2017

There’s nothing that makes me feel brighter then a pop of bright red lipstick to complete my look. It’s been scientifically found that looking at brighter colours releases dopamine, the feel good hormone that is known to improve mood. It’s time to ditch those nudes and embrace your brighter self.

bright and bold makeup wear red lips

Go for red lips
Red lips have universally been known as a glamorous Hollywood inspired shade. Red is also known to be a sophisticated, bold shade and will help you to embrace your inner confidence.
Try Nar Sheer Lipstick in Manhunt (£21 at Net-a-Porter)

Go neon with orange nails
Orange is such a powerful shade and symbolises pretty images such as sunsets or flowers. It’s great for creating energy and so is perfect as a nail varnish because it gives a instant pick me up.
Try Topshop Neon Nails in Voltage (£6.00 at Topshop)

bright and bold makeup wear blue eyeshadow

Makes eyes pop with blue eyeshadow
You may think it’s a bit ott but blue eyeshadow does suit all eye colours. There’s a great variation of blue shades to pick from and a quick sweep over your lids will instantly make your eyes brighter. Why not check out my article on how to use blue eyeshadow for inspiration.
Try Makeup Forever eyeshadow (£16.98 at Sephora)