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Get a natural chemical free glow with Bella Pierre mineral blusher

Hate chemicals in your makeup? Check out the chemical free Bella Pierre mineral blusher

bella pierre mineral blusher review

For those concerned with the effects makeup can have on sensitive skin, mineral makeup has been the way forward for quite a few years now. Bella Pierre mineral blusher in Desert Rose is a highly pigmented rosy pink blush that amazingly only has around 3 ingredients. When you consider what is in the ingredients of many typical high street makeup products it does make you think what damage could all these chemicals actually be doing to my skin?

Despite having so few ingredients the blush has a SPF 15 to protect your skin and the powder is really fine so you really only need a small amount of blush on each application.

Unfortunately the blusher does have one of those annoying twist mechanisms to get the blusher out but for some people that’s better as you’re unlikely to spill it all down your favourite top. I shook out a little and applied it onto my face with a blusher brush and did feel that it seemed to stick in one place. Any intensity can obviously be decreased by a makeup wipe or by smudging but it’s better to keep how much you’re applying to a minimum and increase as you go along.

The overall colour wasn’t too strong and did fade a bit over the day but gave me quite a natural, dusky glow.

For that reason I give it 4/5