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August beauty buys

august beauty buys

With Autumn just on the horizon, I wanted to pick up some makeup that I could use to try out some new looks. Perfect for those miserable rained in days!

Eyeshadows are always top of my list and I found some great palettes with some amazing shades.

makeup revolution beyond flawless eyeshadow palette

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless palette
With 32 matte and shimmery shades I can’t believe I haven’t bought this palette before. The palette is quite neutral with a good range of nude and smokey shades. I’m glad that there’s no over the top neon colours as I like to keep my makeup quite simple.
Grab it for £8 at Superdrug

makeup revolution flawless 3 resurrection eyeshadow palette

Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection
If one Flawless palette wasn’t enough I got two. Flawless 3 Resurrection is the 3rd sequel to Beyond Flawless and also contains 32 matte and shimmery shades. The shimmery shades tend to be a lot lighter than the matte shades which are on the darker side of the colour spectrum. I’m happy to see there’s lots of really pretty gold pink/golds in the palette.
Grab it for £8 at Superdrug

mua daybreaker palette

MUA Daybreaker Palette
New to the shelves is MUA Daybreaker palette. It’s available in two shades and is a all in one palette for application on the go. It contains several blushers, highlighters and eyeshadows in matte and shimmer formulations to create a classic daytime look. There’s no brush or mirror included so you will still need to take those if you’re applying whilst out travelling (kind of defeats the purpose of a all in one). I did however love the colours in this and think it will create a really pretty neutral look.
This is only available in stores, it was on offer for free if you spent £10 on MUA products.

technic pro finish eyeshadow palette

Technic Pro Finish eyeshadow palette
I don’t think I’ve ever seen this palette before till I discovered it in TK Maxx. The palette looks a lot more professional then a lot of other Technic makeup and has some gorgeous pigmented shades. I haven’t tried it out yet but i’m looking forward to seeing the looks I can create with it. On first impressions number 4, 12 and 14 look like real winners.
Grab it for £11.99 on Amazon

technic prism rainbow highlighter

Technics Prism Rainbow highlighter
I do love a good highlighter and I’ve not seen this particular one from Technic before. I’ve tried I Love Makeup and Lottie London’s rainbow highlighter which produce a similar frosty highlight, and I was looking forward to seeing what highlight this gave.
Grab it for £2.81 on Amazon

I’m looking forward to seeing what other beauty gems I’ll pick up in the coming months. I’ve seen a advertisement for the new Triple Tone lipstick by Smashbox which gives you a ombre look without even trying – amazing! I can’t wait to pick that up.