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Technics Pro-Finish Raspberry edition eyeshadow palette review

technics pro finish raspberry edition eyeshadow palette review

What the brand says

Get vibrant professional eyeshadow without the price with Technics Pro-Finish Raspberry eyeshadow palette. The palette features 16 on trend shades that is perfect for creating everything from natural everyday looks to striking intense eyes.


On a recent visit to TK Maxx I discovered this little beauty – Technics Pro-Finish eyeshadow palette. I’ll be honest I’ve never seen such a professional looking palette from the likes of Technic before. I often associate them with cheaper makeup and this certainly looked more upmarket.

technics pro finish raspberry edition eyeshadow palette review

The eyeshadows are super soft and literally spread like butter on my skin. There are a few shades however that are a little more stubborn and I had to apply it several times to build up the colour. Number 11 was a good example of this.

There is a good selection of colour mix in the palette and it has everything from nudes to bright colours. A swatch of the eyeshadows showed how pigmented the whole palette was, I think there was only one shade that was slightly dull. I did notice the eyeshadows were a little loose in the pan and wobbled when I applied the shadow.

technics pro finish raspberry edition eyeshadow palette swatches

When I put the brush in the shimmery shades I found there was quite a lot of powder spillage. A light stroke of the brush seemed to dislodge lots of the eyeshadow.

Using the palette I wanted to create a look that is suitable for work and one for a date night. Here’s how you can recreate the looks.

technics pro finish raspberry edition look for work

Work etiquette

For work I wanted to create a low key look that was smart but pretty.

  1. I applied no5 into the inner corner of my eye
  2. I blended no12 into the lighter colour so the look started to gain a smokey effect
  3. I finished the nude look by blending no15 into the outer corners.

The shades were quite light browns so the finished look wasn’t overly intense. Perfect to impress at work.

technics pro finish raspberry edition date night

Date night

Who doesn’t want to stand out on date night? I used a mixture of light and dark colours to create a ombré look.

  1. No14 was a great colour to start with as the brightness of the gold really draws attention to my eyes.
  2. No4 is quite a mysterious mix of brown and purple and is the perfect accompaniment for the gold shade. I blended this into the gold shade and blended outward.

The finished look is perfect to wow that date.

The eyeshadows are really easy to blend and there was only a tiny bit of fall out when applying. The shades last all day without fading or causing anymore fall out and I love how pretty they look.

Technics Pro-Finish is a really versatile eyeshadow palette that has lots of different shades you can play around with. The only real downside is the amount of product you use when applying to your brush. A lot more upmarket then most of technics usual products, I’m really glad I found this palette.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £11.99 on Amazon