Get creative this Christmas with the Asda Gingerbread House Kit

asda gingerbread house kit

Are you looking for a fun family Christmas activity? This fabulous Asda gingerbread house kit is perfect for getting in the Christmas mood!

Last Sunday I felt a little creative and was excited to make the Gingerbread House I got in this fabulous kit from Asda.

asda gingerbread house kit


The house is really easy to recreate as everything is pre baked and ready to go. Inside I found pre-baked gingerbread cookies, premade white icing and sweets to decorate. The  set also contained a handy little stand to put the house on to keep it all together.

There were instructions on the back which were easy to follow and I quickly put my house together. Decorating the roof was easy but gravity made decorating the front of the house much harder and I was annoyed to see my icing dropping off my windows. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to make your house look like the one on the box!

I had fun making the gingerbread house and I think this is a really fun group activity. The only downside I would say is I am unsure of the strength of the icing. I tried to enter the house into a bake off competition but after driving to work the whole thing fell apart!

asda gingerbread house kit

Overall this is a super easy house to make which looks fantastic and is great fun for all the family. I’m not sure if the icing is overly strong but perhaps a rocky car ride might not have helped matters!

Available for £4 in all good Asda stores or online

Did you try out the Asda gingerbread house kit? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments box below!


  • Fun for all the family and everyone can get involved
  • The kit comes ready made so it’s very easy to follow the instructions and put the house together
  • Great budget buy


  • It’s not as easy as it seems to put the house together
  • The icing does not seem overly strong as it did fall apart quite quickly

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