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8 Beauty Tips That Will Change Everything You Know about Makeup

8 beauty tips that will change everything you know about makeup

Applying makeup is an excellent way to de-stress for most women. Regardless of your age or what you do, it is important to have at least five minutes a day for yourself, to feel better, and prepare your mind for all challenges that are coming your way after stepping outside. This is a win-win situation; you enhance your beauty, boost confidence, and get to relieve stress at the same time. With the rise of beauty bloggers and tutorials on Instagram and YouTube, the beauty rules that we followed religiously before vanished. Nothing is off limits now! You can use different products, techniques, or do things that were considered a major NO-NO just a few years ago. Throughout this post, we bring you eight tips that will change the way you think about makeup. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Use white eyeliner to brighten your eyes
Some girls and women have big round eyes, while some of us don’t. Nothing is stopping you from achieving that effect with makeup or more precisely with white or skin-tone eyeliner. God bless eyeliners! If you’ve ever wondered about the purpose of eyeliners in different colors, now you know at least one way of using these things. So, take the eyeliner and use it to rim your lower waterline (the inner rim of your eyelid). This simple trick makes your eyes look larger by extending the whites of your eyes. Besides making your eyes look a little bit bigger, you can use this trick for the early morning after a night that you didn’t sleep much, or you were partying too hard. In this case, white or skin-tone eyeliner will make you look alert and awake. Pretty cool, huh?

Easy way to get dewy skin
Don’t you love it when your skin has that pretty glow to it? Dewy or radiant skin looks more feminine, natural, hydrated, and youthful. Unfortunately, a wide array of factors ranging from sun exposure to unhealthy lifestyle replaces that radiance with a dull complexion. Lifeless skin gives a major blow to our self-esteem. You’ve probably dealt with this problem on more occasions than one. The skin is dull, and even when you apply makeup, you still don’t feel any better. Well, this trick is a proper lifesaver; you can easily achieve super dewy skin by mixing a very little amount of night cream into the foundation before applying it on your face. Not only will it help you have that glow every day, but it is also ideal for drier climates and ladies who struggle with dry skin, which tends to look dull and lifeless.

Use an eyeshadow to get a custom nail polish

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have your own custom made polish, all you need is an eyeshadow of your choice, clear nail polish, and love for DIY projects. Just mix 1 teaspoon of eyeshadow with about 20 drops of polish in a small plastic bowl, and that’s it. No muss, no fuss! Keep adding polish into the bowl until you get desired opacity or consistency. This trick can be particularly useful for ladies who love polishes with shimmery shades. Now, you can have that glitter-like manicure, without fussy removal. You know how difficult it is to remove glitter polish; now you won’t have to struggle.

Fill in your eyebrows, regardless how thick they are
It’s a general idea that you should fill in your eyebrows only if they are thin or scarce. That’s not true; you should do it even if you have thicker eyebrows. Why? This will polish your look and frame your face perfectly. For this purpose, getting an eyebrow pencil is just fine. Do it today, and you’ll notice the difference. You’re welcome.

No need to contour to create depth
When you combine best anti-aging products such as creams, lotions, serums and proper makeup technique, the result is a youthful appearance that every woman wants. For example, you can create more depth and get instantly younger-looking skin without heavy and time-wasting contouring. Take a blush brush and blend a golden highlighter or any shade that suits your complexion, onto your skin in soft and circular motions. This way, you’ll blend the highlighter in a subtle, triangular way without awkward highlighter strips on your cheekbones.

Contour cream for a tanned, radiant look
You’ll definitely like this tip if you’re into contouring, you can easily create the natural and sexy tan with a little help from the contouring cream. Apply cream (in a reasonable amount) onto your face and top it with translucent powder, again in the reasonable amount. Then, apply bronzer onto your cheekbones and nose. This will not only give your skin more glow, but you’ll also get that lovely, natural tan.

Use a translucent powder to make lipstick last longer
Reapplying lipstick over and over again isn’t among your priorities, but you have to do it anyway. With this trick you can make lipstick last longer; all you have to do is to apply lipstick and lay a tissue over your mouth. Then, dust with translucent powder. This sets your lipstick, mattifies it and makes it last longer.

Take care of your skin
One beauty tip that will never go out of style is taking care of your skin. To look youthful and to make sure products you apply only enhance your natural beauty, you should stick to the regular skincare routine. Treat your face with cleanser and nourish the skin with best wrinkle creams to deliver various ingredients and nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy.

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends set by makeup artists and beauty bloggers with thousands or millions of followers. When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, the rule is that there aren’t rules anymore. Feel free to experiment, use different techniques and products to look younger and make your makeup match the lively and vibrant personality you have.


Guest post by Sophie Addison