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Learn how to make your false eyelashes last longer and win a set

Learn how to make your false eyelashes last longer and win a set

Wish you could get more life out of your false eyelashes? Well now you can with my top tips

False eyelashes are a super easy way to add instant glamour to your look. Whether you prefer subtle or dramatic lashes you’re bound to find false lashes that will give you the look you want. The only downside to false eyelashes is that a decent pair can set you back a fair few pounds. To make the most out of your beauty budget and to get more wear out of your false eyelashes here’s 5 top tips to to make them last longer.

Take your falsies off at the end of the day

This may sound obvious but after a hard night partying you may want to skip this part. If you sleep in your false lashes you may end up ripping them off, losing one (or both) or ripping them. When you get in take them off and store them in the tray they came in.

Use makeup remover to take off your false lashes

Whilst you may be tempted to just pull off your lashes when removing them this can actually have a detrimental effect on your false eyelashes. Pulling off your lashes can often be painful as the leftover glue pulls on your lashes. This can potentially damage and bend your natural lashes and your falsies. Use a oil free makeup remover to dissolve the glue and gently remove the lashes.

Spend more on your false eyelashes

Whilst that £1 bargain buy on Wish for 10 false lashes may sound tempting, you know deep down you’ll be buying a load of rubbish. Make sure you invest your money in a decent pair of false lashes as they’re made with better materials and are designed to last. It’s much better spending £10 on a pair that last 20 uses then £1 on a pair that last for one use.

Don’t use mascara

Have you ever noticed that applying mascara to your false lashes leaves them looking dirty and used? Whilst you may have been encouraged to blend your falsies in with mascara by your favourite influencers, it’s really not necessary. Falsies are often designed to add instant glamour that easily blends in with your natural eye shape without any extra assistance.

Keep them clean

In order to keep your false lashes in optimal condition you’ll want to clean them regularly. Use makeup remover to remove any residue glue or makeup and comb through with a eyelash comb to restore its shape. Make sure you dry them thoroughly after washing.

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5 tips to help your false lashes last longer