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5 useful low light photography tips for taking great photos in Winter

5 useful lighting tips for taking great blogging photos in low lights

You can still take great photos in Winter with my top low light photography tips

Taking photos in winter can be a total nightmare for bloggers. With less daytime hours the amount of natural daylight massively diminishes making it very hard to capture photos as they should really be taken. When you can see an amazing photo opportunity in front of you and you don’t have the lighting to show the image as it actually looks it can be incredibly frustrating. As a blogger who works full time I know only too well the struggles. So what can you do when there’s not much natural light? I’ve found 5 useful low light photography tips that can help you make the most of your winter photography.

Light clip

There are a lot of light clips you can buy that can be attached to your smartphone brightening up your image. They’re easy to use and great for capturing a small item such as a mascara or lipstick. If you’ve got a large background or image to capture you can invest in lighting which gives the appearance of natural light when it’s very limited.

5 useful lighting tips for taking great blogging photos in low light change the aperture

Use a flash

Pretty much all cameras and smartphones have a flash that will give you that extra light that you need to capture the true essence of your image. Bear in mind that the light from the flash can be quite harsh and you may want to subdue it by placing a white tissue in front so the flash is diffused.

Open up your camera aperture

This tip will probably only work if you have a DSLR or traditional point and click camera. Change the manual settings so the aperture is set as wide as it can go. This will allow more light to enter the lens and coupled with a fast shutter speed allow you to take sharp bright photos. Ideally you should be looking at setting the aperture at around f/1.4 or f /1.8

5 useful lighting tips for taking great blogging photos in low light iso

Increase your ISO

One of the best ways to capture a bright sharp image in low light is to boost your camera’s ISO. Effectively the higher the ISO the more sensitive your camera will be to light. If you’re outside in natural daylight your ISO does not need to be so high and a setting of 100 or 200 will be okay, try 200 or 400 if it’s overcast. If you’re indoors it may be better to opt for 400 or 800 for the best images. Try and keep a steady hand or use a tripod to ensure your images do not come out blurry.

Use burst mode

Often you end up in burst mode accidentally finding out that you’ve taken ten photos when you only intended to take one. Burst mode is actually a great way of taking a large number of the same shot so that you can capture an image that is exactly as you imagined. This method is a great way of avoiding the frustration we feel when we’ve only taken one image and something is out of place.

I hope you enjoyed these low light photography tips. If you think your friends or other bloggers will benefit from these please share on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook!

5 useful low light photography tips