Blogger sharing packages

Are you looking for someone to help you get your brand out there? I can collaborate with you on a number of ways to help increase exposure to your brand. Below you’ll find a number of blogger sharing packages in varying price brackets to suit every budget.

blogger sharing packages

£50 Instagram sharing package

Keep it simple and to the point with this image oriented package. You’ll get exposure to over 3k followers.

  • 3 x shares on instagram

£100 social media sharing package

Want to get the word out on social media? You’ll get exposure to 11k+ followers

  • 5x shares on Twitter
  • 1 x share on Facebook
  • 1 x shares on instagram
  • 1x share on Pinterest

£250 blog sharing and social media package 

Pretty much the whole shebang you can take advantage of 2.5k+ unique monthly visitors and over 14k followers.

  • 1 blog post on glitz and glamour makeup
  • 5 x shares on Twitter
  • 1 x share on Facebook
  • 1 x share on Pinterest
  • 1 x share on instagram

YouTube video content creation

If you’d prefer a video approach I can create a customised video for £200 on my channel Glitz and Glamour Makeup. This includes exposure to 1500 subscribers and 5000+ monthly views

If you want to find out more drop me a email today.