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5 steps to get the perfect lip


5 steps to get the perfect pout

Whether you’re new to makeup or you’ve been applying it for years, getting the perfect lipstick technique can take a while to master. Despite what you may think you too can get a stunning pout like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani and you don’t even need a massive bank balance.

Prep your lips
One of the most important steps before you applying any colour is to ensure all dead and dry skin is removed. The best way to do this is to use a soft toothbrush and gently buff away the skin. After apply a moisturising balm like Original nipple balm for lips (£12 at Feel Unique).

Apply your lipstick
When you go to apply your lipstick, smile so you can see where to apply. This will avoid any chance of bare lips. To get the illusion of a fuller pout slowly trace just outside your natural lip line.

Tips on making it last
There’s nothing more frustrating then going out with your lips looking fabulous and losing it all after one sip of your drink. The best way to extend the lifecycle of your lipstick is to layer it. Once you’ve applied your first layer, go around the outline with a lip pencil to frame the colour and eliminate the chances of bleeding. Blot the lipstick and then apply another layer.

Easily fix any mistakes
When I’m applying lipstick the worst thing that can happen is a smudge. When you try to remove the smudge you end up with half your foundation missing. The best way to remove any little mistakes is to put a little makeup remover on the end of a cotton bud. It won’t stick and you’ll only remove what you need to.

Keep your lips moisturised during the day
During the day lipstick can start to feel drying especially if it’s a matte formula. The best way to avoid the dryness is to apply a little vaseline or lip balm in the centre of your lips. Gently dab it on, blot and then reapply your lipstick in the centre.