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DIY lipsticks: Make your own lipstick at home with these simple recipes

DIY lipsticks: Make your own lipstick at home with these simple recipes

Short of funds? Why not get creative and make your own lipstick at home using these super simple recipes

If you’re a lipstick lover like myself, then you know how hard the struggle can be – finding the shade that you want, matching up the right lip liner, choosing a brand that will be dependable for any occasion, deciding whether you want a glossy or matte look, and worst of all, paying a good bit of your hard-earned money whenever you want anything decent. It’s a tough and colorful world out there! But thankfully, the trendiness of DIY beauty recipes are here to save us yet again. Below are just a few ways that you can make your own lipstick at home, and the best part is that you likely already have a lot of the ingredients you’ll need right in your kitchen!

So the next time you get a hankering to hit the drugstore makeup aisle, set aside some time instead to get creative with one of these recipes, and see if you can make your lipstick on your own. You’ll likely be shocked at how well they work and look compared to store bought lipsticks. Even better, if you get good at perfecting your own colour and enjoy creating your own makeup, these lipsticks also double as thoughtfully unique gifts for any occasion – birthdays, holidays, and even party favours at bridal and baby showers. I haven’t even mentioned the very best part yet – these recipes are quick and absolutely simple to throw together. For all of the recipes below, you can use old lipstick tubes that you’ve cleaned, or order fresh ones in bulk online.

So, are you excited yet? Choose the recipe you think is most interesting and get started!

To create your own natural color…

Use all natural ingredients! For this recipe, you will need:

To get started, it’s first important to select or create the shade of pigment you’re going to use in your lipstick. Remember that since we’re working with all natural ingredients here, you’re going to end up with a more natural look, no matter what ingredients you choose. The four main players in terms of natural pigment for most DIY makeup recipes are beetroot powder (red), cinnamon (warm red-brown), turmeric (copper), and cocoa powder (warm to dark brown). Get yourself a good bit of each and experiment with your combinations first, keeping track of the measurements you use, so that you can recreate the color you like.

Once you have the hue just right, melt down the base ingredients (the first three ingredients above) in either a microwave safe bowl or a double boiler, your choice. Stir occasionally as you melt them, and once all ingredients are thoroughly combined, add in your desired amount of the color you chose or created, as well as any essential oil you might be using. (Note that adding more of your pigment ingredient will make the pigment of your lipstick more saturated and opaque.) Once you have all your ingredients combined and are happy with the colour, you’re all done! Just pour the mixture into your clean tube of choice and let it harden in the refrigerator, uncapped, for at least an hour before using.

DIY lipsticks: Make your own lipstick at home with these simple recipes

To use a color you already love …

Use your favourite eyeshadow! For this recipe, you’ll need:

This recipe is really just that simple! For your eyeshadow, you can use any old colour you’ve had laying around forever (as long as it’s clean), or you can buy a new one you’ve had your eye on. You can even use a shimmery eyeshadow to get the same effect in your lipstick! Either way, this recipe really lets you play around with colour, since you can use any eyeshadow you want as your pigment (as long as it does not contain ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide, or chromium oxides – eyeshadows with these ingredients are not safe to use on or near your lips).

To prep your eyeshadow, scoop or scrape some into a bowl and crumble chunks with a spoon until you only have fine powder. The same measurement rule goes with this recipe – the more you use, the more saturated your final product will be. For more of a translucent, glossy look, simply reduce the amount of pigment you use. Place both of your ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and heat for about thirty seconds, or until the contents become runny. (The microwave really works best for this one, since petroleum jelly is already fairly soft.) Stir well to distribute the color, and once again pour into your chosen lipstick tubes and chill for an hour to solidify before using.

To get wild with your colour…

Try the crayon hack! For this recipe, you’ll need:

We’re going to the store for this recipe to ensure that we have clean crayons without all those color chips stuck to them that might mess with your hue, and also to ensure that we select a brand of crayons that have been proven to be non-toxic for children. This way, you’ll know the crayons you use are safe to do so. You’ll need one crayon per tube of lipstick, so if you want to try for several similar shades, you’ll need a bigger box with a wider variety of colors. I do recommend trying this recipe out when you have a little more time, since you might have to play with different broken up crayons to get the colour you want – but with the nearly unlimited shading options out there, I promise it’s worth it.

To get started, remove any paper wrapping from the crayon you choose and melt it down over a double boiler. (The double boiler is required for this one – if you don’t have one, no worries! Just heat a few inches of water in a large saucepan on medium heat, and melt your crayon in a smaller saucepan over the hot water. Also note that this recipes leaves you with a bit of a mess, so try choosing a pan that is older, or one that is just used for DIY projects.) Once your crayon is melted, stir in your chosen oil and your drops of chosen essential oil (if any) to mask the waxy smell of the crayon. Once you have everything mixed up, you’ll pour, chill and store just like the other recipes.

And as I said earlier, it’s as easy as that!

So, how many did you try? Which one was your favorite? Are you totally hooked on making your own lipsticks yet? It’s a really fun weekend project to experiment with on your own, or to have friends over to try it with you. Once you spend some time playing with all the colours and smells, you’ll never go back to store bought lipstick again!

Guest post by Jennifer from Beautifully Alive

DIY lipsticks: Make your own lipstick at home with these simple recipes