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5 ways to be happier today

5 ways to be happier today

With the pressures of modern life and the tragedies that regularly play out all around us it can be hard to always keep a smile on our face. Whilst it can be hard to always stay positive there are things you can do which can help you feel happier. Here’s 5 ways to be happier today.

5 ways to be happier today share with friends

See your friends and family

When you engage with those closest to you your happiness levels rise. Staying in touch with friends and family helps you to avoid loneliness and get to share the highs and lows of life. After all there’s nothing better then putting the world to rights over a good cup of tea with your oldest pal.

Listen to music from positive times in your life

Was there a certain period in your life when you remember feeling really happy? Whether it was when you felt young and carefree at university or even when you met your partner, music you listened to during that time is often associated with happy memories of the past. By choosing to listen to those tunes today you will automatically associate it with good times and start to feel a lot more positive and happy.

5 ways to be happier today do a good deed

Compliment others or do a good deed

It’s a oldie but a goldie. Complimenting other people or helping them out with something always gives you that inner warmth inside. By helping or paying a compliment to another you are taking time away from your own thoughts and focusing on someone else. That happy feeling you get will help to lift your mood and leave you feeling brighter.

5 ways to be happier today spend time on yourself

Learn something new

Do you remember that exciting feeling you get when you embark on a new course or hobby? As humans we love learning and developing our skills and this is a great way of transforming any negative energy to something positive. You may even be able to use those skills to move to a new career that will give you more money and more opportunities to spend time with friends and family (a great way of keeping the happiness circle alive).

Do something you love

Sometimes we’re unhappy because we don’t get enough time to do what we want to do. Whilst the number one cause of lack of spare time is due to work you can make small changes to allow more time for yourself.

Want more reasons to feel happy?

5 ways to be happier today