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YouTube demonetisation changes and how they affect small Youtubers

YouTube demonetisation changes and how it affects small youtubers

If you’re reading this you’re probably one of the small YouTube channels that are affected by the new YouTube changes. As of 20 February 2018 in order to be considered for monetisation you need to have 1000 subscribers and (here’s the real kicker), over 4000 hours watch time (240,000 minutes) in 12 months. I like many was pretty outraged by this, it seemed just another way Youtube could eliminate the chances of small channels making a profit. It can be hard to build up a lot of watch time, especially if you’re still growing, but having that monetisation there, no matter how small, was a way of rewarding you and urging you to do better.

So what to do once the changes have come into effect?

Ultimately many channels will simply give up now that the monetisation is eliminated. This will limit the competition and help you to continue to grow.

The best way to help your videos gain traction and increase in popularity is to have traffic come in from two major sources; Google and YouTube itself. In order to benefit from Google traffic you need to consider video SEO keywords.

To find the right video keywords for your video head to Google and type in your targeted keywords. The videos that come up first in the search feature keywords that people are searching for and should be featured in your titles and video descriptions. For example if you want to review a Tarte palette search for it on Google and create a similar title to the videos that appear first. You should put similar keywords in your tags and if possible incorporate your title into your tags.

YouTube demonetisation changes and how it affects small youtubers keywords

If you’re ever struggling for inspiration on what to film you can search for trends and see if it applies to your channel. For example if there is a certain tag that is popular you could create a similar video to benefit from the traffic that is searching for that particular theme. Alternatively you could have a look at what the bigger Youtubers are recording videos on and see if you can create something similar (don’t copy it though, no one likes a copycat).

Remember that YouTube is a community and you can also benefit from views and subscribers by interacting with other channels in your niche. Avoid spamming your link though as you can irritate people who may delete your comment without taking a second look.

When considering SEO on YouTube you should also have a read of my tips on how to make your YouTube channel more popular. By focusing on providing quality and well constructed content you will continue to grow and have your channel once again considered for monetisation.

youtube demonetisation changes and how it will affect small channels