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Top winter workout tips

top winter work out tips

Whilst the long winter nights may make you want to go into hibernation; unfortunately it won’t help you burn any calories. With the indulgence of the festive season a distant memory it’s time to put your new year resolution to get fit into action. So how do you keep to your goals when the cold weather makes you want to crawl into bed? Here’s 14 top winter workout tips to keep you motivated.

Invest in the right clothing

If you go out for a run in a crop top and Lycra shorts you’re bound to feel the cold. In winter you need to consider the weather and how it will affect you. Obviously your body temperature will start to rise as you exercise and if you wear heavy clothing you’ll get too hot. The best way to keep the optimum temperature is to wear layers; start out with a warm sweatshirt and trousers that you wear over a shorts and a crop top. Once you’re warm you can remove your extra layers.

Plan ahead

If you’re a last minute kind of girl- the thought of hot chocolate and Netflix will always win over a sweaty gym sesh. Try to plan ahead and set certain dates to exercise, this way you’ll be much more likely to stick to it. You could even make a regular date to exercise with a friend so if you don’t go you won’t only be letting yourself down, but your friend too.

winter workout tips workout inside

Switch to indoor workouts

If you normally exercise outside and the constant rain is putting you off why not take your exercise routine indoors. There are plenty of exercise routines you can do indoors, simply look at the thousands of fitness DVDs on sale for proof of this. You could do a Hiit session or circuit training.

Get a personal trainer

When you spend your hard earned money on something you want to make it worthwhile and succeed. By investing in a personal trainer to hit a certain goal you’ll want to make sure you turn up so you’ve got something to show for the money you’ve spent.

Learn a new skill

Always fancied learning martial arts, rock climbing or even the Tango but never got round to it? Use the long winter months to try something new. You’ll get to know new people, make friends and have the accomplishment of learning a new skill.

Think ahead

Summer is literally just around the corner – honest. Use the thought of that beach body as a goal and let it drive you towards keeping to your aim to keep fit.

Create new habits

Do you make a cup of tea when you get home or make sure you watch your favourite soap at a set time? Things we do at set times everyday get instilled in our brains as habits and we feel inclined to keep doing them. Just like you make that cup of tea why not create a new habit for going to the gym. You can pack your gym bag the night before so you have no excuse to take it when you leave the house the next morning.

top winter workout tips why do you want to be fit

Why is it important to you to be fit?

When you’ve set any goal it’s important that you know what your end game is – what is your motivation to exercise? Whether you want to feel healthier or get a more toned body you need to set your why at the start and think back on that when you’re thinking of throwing in the towel.

Set yourself a challenge

Challenges are not easy but once you complete them you feel amazing and so proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved. When you start to lose your motivation set yourself a challenge and see how hard you can push your body. You could set a new personal best or learn a really difficult skill

Take a before and after photo

I love before and after photos they’re great for spurring you on and showing how well you’ve done. Take front, back and side photos every month and compare them as time goes on to see how much you’ve progressed.

Track how well you’re doing

Write down the exercises you do every day, your starting weight and how much you’re losing every week. By having written proof of what you’ve achieved you’ll be more determined to carry on.

Don’t go it alone

I know the last thing I want to do when I’ve got home from a long day at work and it’s pitch black outside is to head out again. The best way to make sure you stick to your winter workout plans is to join a class, team or work out with a friend so if you don’t turn up you’ll be held accountable.

winter workout tips update your playlist

Get your playlist up to date

Bored of the same old Katy Perry songs? Update your playlist and try something new to motivate you to keep exercising. Music is a great way of distracting you from the cold or tiredness of working out.

Run for charity

There’s nothing more motivating than knowing your working out for a good cause. You could run a major marathon like the London marathon or you could simply ask people to support you if you run so many miles and give the money to your chosen charity

Remember moderate exercise can boost your immune system leading to fewer colds and flu. Whilst the rest of the office is coughing you’ll be fighting fit and ready to hit your fitness goals in summer.

top winter workout tips