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Top tips to avoid large pores during summer

top tips to avoid enlarged pores during summer

Summer is great for so many things – warm weather, balmy evenings, beach days and icy drinks. Whilst you may be loving it when the mercury rises your skin is not such a fan. The increase in temperature causes you to sweat more – this combined with regular SPF application can lead to larger and blocked pores. Whilst it may be annoying it’s easy to treat large pores by changing your skincare routine.

Top tips to Avoid enlarged pores during summer cosrx salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser

Cleansing is vital

When your skin is sweaty after a day sitting in the sun the first thing you want to do is give it a deep clean. Use a cleanser that uses salicylic acid as this will help to flush out your pores. Cosrx Salicylic Acid daily gentle cleanser (£10.00) is a great one to try. Follow this with a pore face mask to shrink and tighten pores. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions charcoal mask (£25.00) will help to absorb excess oil, impurities and environmental pollutant to remove toxins from your skin. The charcoal will work by removing debris so pores are refined and purified.

top tips to avoid enlarged pores during summer peter thomas roth acne face and body scrub exfoliator

Exfoliate to bring back your radiance

With the increase in sweating your skin will produce more sebum that can sit in pores eventually leading to new spots. These can also leave your skin dull as the dead skin cells sit on top of your face. Use a exfoliator like Peter Thomas Roth Acne face and body scrub (£20.74) which will remove the dead skin cells and bring back your natural radiance.

top tips to avoid enlarged pores during summer origins a perfect world antioxidant moisturiser with white tea

Keep your moisturiser light

Whilst winter calls for thick creamy moisturisers, summer is all about lightweight hydration. Avoid creams with products like shea butter and opt for a moisturiser that contains antioxidants to treat blemish prone skin. Try Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant moisturiser with white tea (£36.50.). Follow this with a lightweight tinted moisturiser with at least SPF 20 so you don’t need to apply a separate product. This will help prevent UVA rays from irritating and inflaming your pores further. Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser has SPF 20 (£34.00) and has a sheer lightweight formula that gives just a hint of a glow.

top tips to avoid enlarged pores during summer murad rapid relief spot treatment

Treat the problem

Sometimes despite everything you’ve done to avoid it, spots come up due to the increased sweating and bacteria. Treat the problem with a vitamin E enriched serum that will help to soothe inflammation and reduce the size of your pores. Try Murad Rapid Relief spot treatment (£17.00)

Do let me know if this helps with reducing the size of your pores, and share the pin with your friends if you think it will help them!

how to avoid large pores during summer