The secret to barely there makeup

the secret to barely there makeup

You’ve probably heard of the no make makeup trend where people use very few products to create the au naturale look. So what’s the secret? It’s actually a lot easier to create then you might think.

Skin loves moisture
One of the most important parts of a natural look is to have hydrated moisturised skin. This will give you the perfect smooth base to apply your makeup on top off to avoid any flakiness. You can  mix moisturiser and foundation for a more natural look ala CC creams.

the secret to barely there makeup cream textures

Go for creamy textures
You’ll want to choose makeup that has creamy textures that will melt into your skin. Think cream blushers, highlighters and powders.

Keep to one colour
Try not to vary your colour palette too much as one shade will create more of a streamlined effect. To avoid that made up look you get with brushes try to use your fingers where you can as the natural warmth can help blend the products.

the secret to barely there makeup natural eyeliner

Go easy on the eyeliner
If you love your eyeliner you can still wear it by dotting it along the lash line instead of creating a strong line.